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Translation Blog

Persian Translation to Hit Jackpot!

Iran’s Islamic Culture and Relations Organization has launched a project that encourages Persian translation. Now Persian books will be translated into multiple languages. “Based on the new project, all interested foreign translators and publishers will have a discount of 30 to 70 percent in collaboration with ICRO,” said Ebrahimi ...

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How to Distribute Your App in China

For day and night's coding and designing, your work is finally paying off: people are downloading your apps! As you are satisfied with your millions of users in US and Europe, don't ignore huge opportunities in China.

According to a report, Chinese customers would buy 500 million smart phones in 2015. If the average consum...

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Machine Translation – When, How, Why And Where It All Began!

People have always been curious about other languages. There was a time when translation was an exclusive talent which was possessed by very people. But when a new technology came around and became available to the general public. Things changed and turned around. What are we talking about? We are talking about

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Let’s be real for a moment. People always think that being a translator or an interpreter is very easy. They think that being bilingual comes naturally and the professionals are making easy money with their “talent.” However, we translators and interpreters know what it really takes to be good at our job. The seasoned translators and interp...

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5 Things Your Boss Needs To Know About Website Localization

Just having your website translated into your target language is not enough. If you want to be successful in your new international business venture, you need to avail some services that you or your boss thought are not necessary for you. Now, you may have advised your Boss on getting website localization services and he may have said no. B...

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New Opportunities for Translators across USA

After United Kingdom, it is time for the USA translators to earn some extra cash in the upcoming five years.

Here is some good news for our USA translators. Amazon, the Goliath of book industry has made plans to increase the number of translated books in the upcoming five years. AmazonCrossing will get a whopping $10 mill...

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Tips and Tricks for Building a Better Relationship with Clients

We really don’t have to emphasize how important customers are. They are your bread and butter, or perhaps, the people who bring your bread and butter. You need to be careful and very open when you are dealing with your clients. There is no such thing as over-communicating. You need to communicate with your clients because that is the only w...

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Translator 101 – What It Takes To Be A Good Translator?

Let’s be honest here. We all know how easy it is to get a freelancing job online. They are a dime a dozen. If you have a skill, there is a job for you. If you can do perform well on a couple of them, you will get more projects and that will increase your income. But just like every other job you do, your freelance job requires a little effo...

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