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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the license only valid for a limited period?

A: The license purchased by you has no limitation on the validity period for the existing trial version.However, once we release a new version, you need to re-purchase a license.

Q: What does the updated version mean?

A: Generally, we will post various problems collected by us onto our website in the form of patch for downloading by the users.When we carry out significant functional adjustment or addition to the software, we will release a new version.

Q: Why is it very slow to export a DXF file as a Word file?

A: The Word file is so complicated that much complex processing has to be done by the software program.We suggest you to choose XML as the format of the exported file to improve efficiency.

Q: What are the differences among the exported Word, XML and Text formats?

A: Compared with XML and TXT, Word can show the exported text in a more intuitive manner, but the exported Word file can only be translated through Trados.XML can not only provide a faster export & import speed than Word, but also employ different translation tools such as Trados and memoQ.TXT can show the word count, and the text in this format can be translated but cannot be imported into a DXF file by using DXF Text Extractor.

Q: How do I know an error occurs during the processing of DXF Text Extractor?

No message will appear if the software runs normally during the course of processing.But if an error occurs, the software will give a prompt.Open the directory of Output folder, and view the error log file _errors.txt to find out the error cause.

Q: When the text in a Word file is being imported into a DXF file, “internal error: Huge input lookup, line 42209, column 209” is reported.

A: The Word file may have some problems. Please try to open the file in the format of Microsoft Office Word and save it as a new Word file.

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