A Comprehensive Guide to Optimize Connectivity
through Multilingual Website

Reaching out to international markets is a pre-requisite to going global. A website tends to speak to its users and a multilingual one ensures greater audience. To enable robust business growth, it is important to tailor your website to access international customers and avoid pitfalls that may slow that growth. Our complete guide is designed to equip you with the right tools you need to localize your website for acquiring international customers.

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1. Know your customers and
target markets:

  • Researching the Market

    Conduct a thorough market research to identify high-potential markets before starting your journey of going global. Identify which markets are receptive to your products and services and which customer “zones” are the most attractive ones for launching your website

  • Converting the customers

    Narrow down on your valuable potential customers to convert them into new ones. Conduct a survey to examine the market dynamics as well as the prospects of growth. These prospects will decide whether your website will resonate with your new audience after the localization and will it sustain those customers or not.

2. Take audit of your
space and costs:

  • Evaluating website design layout

    Consider your website design layout including digital information, advertising, social media, software applications, reports, surveys and videos. Stand a better chance of understanding costs and potential issues. Use Content Delivery Network (CDN) to allow adjustments for different languages

  • Estimating the costs

    Estimate your localization costs by considering the number of target languages. Aim only for localization and translation of those languages of the countries you are planning to localize into. Remember; Greater the number of localized languages, greater will be the cost

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Avoid Snags in your Website Localization Process through our Guide:

  • Incorporate user-generated content and localization videos to lend credibility and localized feel to your website

  • Direct the flow of traffic to your website by using country code top level domain (ccTLD)

  • Track your progress and efforts by viewing site traffic and checking organic search rates to ensure your website resonates with your target audience

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