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Professional Chinese Simplified (Mandarin) Translator

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Certified Translator

ISO9001:2008 Certified

  • Proofreader
Brown Level


2013-2016 上海外国语大学高级翻译学院 英汉笔译

Work Experience

[美] 麦克菲 著 -清华大学出版社,2013.5
2. 《是高跟鞋还是高尔夫修改了我的大脑?》
[英] 科迪莉亚•法恩 著 –浙江大学出版社,2014.9
3. 联合国及其专门机构的国际公约、协议、会议文件等,政府工作文件,以及中外对话(China dialogue)、更安全世界(Saferworld)、全球见证(Global Witness)等非政府组织新闻稿
4. 江诗丹顿、卡地亚和宝玑等奢侈品牌,亚什兰、米其林等公司的合同、技术文件和新闻稿翻译

Translators at MARS

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we translate into 180 languages pairs covering almost all languages on the earth.

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certified native translators only, translation plus third party proofreading to control translation quality. Translator evaluation based on the feedback of clients. Knockout translators with 4 or more star rating. 100% money back or retranslate free if complain from the client.

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200 words/Hour, 2000 words per day for each translator, 24/7 service. No time difference. 2,000+ translators worldwide standing by for the most mission-critical translation task in the world.

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