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147496158916.jpeg Native in: Chinese Simplified (Mandarin)

Kelly Lee

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Master's degree in Finance, Nankai University


Bachelor's degree in International Trading, Amoy University 


 Work Experience


A freelance English-Chinese translator working with translation agencies. Up to date, I’ve translated over half a million source words, covering a wide variety of industries including chemicals, energy, communications, transportation, financing etc.


Working as an Investor Relations manager for a listed company in Hong Kong, taking care of communicating with existing and potential investors to get them informed of the latest development in the company.

Working as a logistic manager in a communication company, dealing with equipment and service procurement.

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Work History

29.15 hours worked 2 jobs


WeekDays, 9am - 6pm

Recent Activities

Jul 22, 2016  

Approved at 02:04 pm on 21 Apr 2017

English to Chinese Simplified (Mandarin)

  • 4046 words
  •  Business/Finance and Insurance
Jul 04, 2016  

Approved at 08:07 am on 15 Jul 2016

English to Chinese Simplified (Mandarin)

  • 1783 words
  •  Business/Finance and Insurance