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Ioannis Chatzilaris

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I am a native Greek freelance translator with an MA degree in professional translation from the I.T.I.R.I. of the Marc Bloch University, Strasbourg, France.

Year of graduation: 2006


 Work Experience

Up to present:
- 10 years experience
Translated more than 5 million words
- Been assigned approximately 1,300 projects
Working languages: English - French - Italian - Greek
Technical translation: 
- User manuals
- Energy production
- Health and Safety instructions
- Power plant equipment and machinery
- Marine constructions
- PC peripherals
- Electronic devices
- Industrial machinery
Pharmaceutical/medical translation:
medical devices & instruments
- s
ummaries of product characteristics
- PILs
- dentistry
- medical questionnaires 
- educational material for health professionals
- prosthetics/transplants
- informed consent forms
- pharmaceutical promotional material (ads for over-the-counter drugs and devices)
Legal translation:
- Contracts
- Disclaimers
- Court decisions
- EU laws and regulations
- Legal notices
- Proceedings
- Private agreements
- Contracts

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Work History

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WeekDays, 9am - 6pm

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