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Annarita Tranfici

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I'm a highly motivated freelance translator holding a Master of Arts in Modern European Languages and Literatures. I'm a native Italian speaker but thanks to my studies I have acquired a good proficiency in English and French and a basic knowledge of the Spanish language.

 Work Experience

While I specialise in tourism and travel, literature and journalism, and information technology, in the last months I have been working especially on literary texts, translating books in the following combinations: English > Italian and French > Italian. Some examples of my experience are the translations of the short novel "The White People" by Frances Hodgson Burnett and of the novella "La Fanfarlo" by Charles Baudelaire, which have been published in collaboration with some Italian book publishers. I am particularly proud of the former as my translation is the first to be ever published in Italian.

Literature is my greatest passion. I love reading and writing and as a proof of that I often write short stories and poems, and I have also started to work on a couple of novels. This is not a simple hobby for me. I often try myself by participating at some literary contests. A few of my compositions have won little competitions and have been published in anthologies such as "Mani in volo", "Un mattone per GUA" and "Primavera di racconti".

I love writing articles and blog posts as well. Currently, I am a regular contributor to Sociart Network and VesuvioLive but I also collaborate as a technical writer for SitePoint. Among my experiences, I include a year working as a web designer. Specifically, I employed technologies such as HTML and CSS, and graphic software like Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.

I am a methodical, serious and go-ahead person having deep imagination, creativity, and a strong passion for what she does. I am very humble and open-minded and I love to work with people and listen to others' opinions.

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WeekDays, 9am - 6pm

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