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14749598373.jpeg Native in: Portuguese (Brazil)

Thiago Fernandes

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Bd.E.- English Literature Extra: Game Theory –Stanford University Fantasy and Science Fiction: The human mind, our modern world – University of Michigan Online Games: Literature and New Medias – Vanderbilt University

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Published localizations (en-pt/br): • “The Murderer of Thomas Fell” (Retropunk Publisher) • “Spirit of the Century” (Retropunk Publisher) | Source text: | Final Work: • “Forbidden Island” (Devir Publisher) • “Super Macho Ball” (Google Play App) Other editorial projects: • Decisões (romance by Verônica Lopes). • Terra Devastada (gamebook, Retropunk Publisher) • Manual do Tesouro Aleatório 2.0 e 2.9 (gamebook for KBGames) Published books: • Game Design, RPG – Classbook for MFA in Game Design at Infnet Institute. Recent Work History: Translator (2013 - today) - Freelance localization, focused in apps and games. Sesc - Serviço Social do Comércio (2013-2014) - Editor; editorial process manager.

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WeekDays, 9am - 6pm

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