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Sergii Eremenko Native in: Russian


Education: Master’s Degree of Kharkiv Institute of Social Progress (KhISP) (2005)

Faculty: Foreign philology and computer linguistics

Foreign languages: Russian (native), Ukrainian (native), English (fluent), French (fluent), Spanish (fluent)

 Work Experience

Experience: 9 years as technical translator and interpreter in the Kharkiv Scientific Research and Design Institute “Energoproekt” (this organization renders design and engineering services).

Writing experience: translation of technical documents, standards and drawings from Russian/Ukrainian into English and vice versa.

Verbal experience: 1) participation in technical meetings with Mitsubishi’s engineers in different branches of the design work (e.g. mechanical, electrical, C&I, civil parts etc.);

2) settlement of the formalities for KhIEP engineers’ visas reception in the Indian Embassy in Kiev; 3) phone conversations with representatives of different companies both in Europe and in Far East.

Freelance experience: 6 years as a freelance translator (since 2009).

As a freelancer, I have performed orders of governmental and private companies for translating into English of the GOSTs, regulatory documents such as Ecologic Legislation of the Russian Arctic North (Chukotka, Pechora), have translated IAEA standards into Russian. There is also an experience of proper translation of different instructions for software and hardware, legal contracts, trading and marketing documents, medical studies etc.


Technical, IT, legal, economic, medical (in principle, there is a translation experience in any topic).
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WeekDays, 9am - 6pm

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