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Ignacio Native in: Spanish (Europe)



Specialised in languages and marketing


 Work Experience

    Marketing: Transcreation, localization, SEM, ASO and SEO translations

-. Transcreation and localization of several ads for Microsoft.

-. Translation of SEM/Adwords ads for Sony, MacKeeper, Institute of Lorraine and many others.

-. Translation and localization of Adwords campaign, localization of keywords and HTML pages for Pergo

-. Translation of mail-marketing posts for Mailjet.

-. Translation of press releases for several hotels.

-. Translation of commercial information for Norton Antivirus.

-. Translation of keywords and injection of keywords for Photofancy.

-. English to Spanish translation of a Marketing Plan for Bonofa AG.


    Apps translation/localization and ASO (English to Spanish; German to Spanish),


-. Translation of IU content, keywords localization and App store/Google Play content of several apps: Disco Fingers, BitGym, Travayl, Avis, Skribble, Instapicture...

-. Translation to Spanish of an accounting app.

-. Translation of the IU mathematical app. for kids Calcularis, from German to Spanish.


    IT translator (2012- today)


-. English to Spanish translations of website and marketing materials of IT security firma SSL247.

-. Code translation (regular expressions, PHP, HTML, CSS, Python) for several websites.

-. Translation of an English to Spanish short book about file extensions.


    German, English to Spanish translator. Amazon (2014- today)

- Translation of titles and descriptions (“bullet points”) of different products.


    Translator and dictionary collaborator French to Spanish. Wordreference (2013- today)

- Coming up with new translations, examples of use, sentences and grammatical characteristic of words.


    Finance Translation (English, French, German to Spanish). (2012- today)

-. Translation of the financial website for Gestio Zirkel (50 000 words).

-. Translation of financial (forex and binary options) website: http://unclebear.com/es/


    Post Editing Machine Translation (Amazon and eBay). (2014- today)


    General Translation (English, French, German to Spanish). (2012-today)

-. Translation of book’s games for kids for Albert Hoffman and the web Owlfinch.

-. Translation (English to Spanish) of several chapters in a book about IT.

-. German to Spanish translation of the web: http://mejorvpn.net/

-. German to Spanish translation of technical documents (80.000 words)

-. German marketing cartography and translations for Rocasalvatella.

-. German to Spanish translation of promotional information for a company dedicated to urns.

-. Translation (English to Spanish) of xml and .po documents for recreational web.

-. Translation of massive texts (English to Spanish) for an Arab genetic company.

-. Translation (English to Spanish) of several in a book about HR.

-. Proofreading in Spanish for a number of companies.

-. Translation (English to Spanish) of football articles for http://swol.co/.

-. Translation (English to Spanish) of brochures for Lastpass Enterprise.

-. Translation (German to Spanish) of the legal information and terms and conditions of a web.

-. Confection of a crossword in German (from Spanish learners).

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Work History

64.9 hours worked 14 jobs


WeekDays, 9am - 6pm

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