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Marta Native in: Spanish (Europe)


    Bachelor’s degree in History, UB, 2005 Proficiency in English, UCC, 2009 MD of Arts, Literature and Contemporary Culture, UOC, 2013

After obtaining my bachelor’s degree in History I moved to England first and to Ireland later on. In 2009, after several years living in English speaking countries, I obtained the proficiency level in English (UCC). Recently I have obtained a MD of Arts, Literature and Contemporary Culture (UOC). Further training: I have attended conferences, seminars and workshops to enhance my translation skills. Some of them are:

2011: Legal Terminology: Commercial Law Terminology: better understanding of legal documents.

2012: Introduction to Medical Terminology: Brain and nervous system, respiratory system, sensory system: broad knowledge of English medical terminology.

2014: Web localization: techniques and tips. Understanding how a website works and what are its communication and cultural features (linguistic and non-linguistic content).

2015: The Language of Contracts: Reading and Understanding Contracts. Clauses and terminology found in legal contracts. Archaic terms (hereinafter, therein). Organization of a contract.

2015: Scientific, technical and medical translations basics. Practical advice about translating scientific papers, medical terminology and technical manuals.

2015: Translating for food industry: General overview. General overview of the food industry, focusing on projects, documents and organizations where the services of translators are in a constant demand.

2016: International trade for translators and interpreters. International trade, as part of the business and financial translation. Incoterms.

 Work Experience


Full Time Translator


2011- Present

In 2011 I became a full time freelance translator. Over the years I gained a solid translating and writing experience covering several fields including medical, health, tourism, Apps, product and safety manuals, e-books, legal, finance, e-commerce, websites, IT…With more than 1000 translation projects and more than 3 million words translated I am very confident I will do a great job.

Part Time Translator


2009 -2011

In 2009 I started translating from English to Spanish for different companies and translation agencies, while I was still working as a full time manager in Ireland.


Manager Portimao

March 2007 – June 2011

Achievement of strong and sustainable gains. My main duties included ensuring excellent customer satisfaction, I understand how to communicate with customers, identify their needs, and deliver timely solutions. Dealing with incoming emails, faxes, calls and posts, often corresponding on behalf of the business owner. Recruit, hire, employ and train an appropriate number of employees. Monitor staff performance and implement procedures and systems to maximize efficiency.


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Work History

369.98 hours worked 56 jobs


WeekDays, 9am - 6pm

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