Language is not a barrier.
It’s a gateway to endless opportunities.

E-commerce retail sales accounted for 12.1% of total global retail sales in 2016. 42% of consumers worldwide make online purchases, while majority of the online shoppers belong to Chinese, English, French, Arabic & German speaking communities.

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Why not translate using real people?

The limitation of machine translation is that it doesn’t provide accurate personalized translation. With 100% Human Translation & Localization,
personalize your content & connect to a wider audience in their native language. With E-commerce localization you get


    Faster Turnaround Rates

    Instant translation quotes with fast response rates and unmatchable turnaround rate of 2500 words/day with consistent translation quality


    E-Commerce Optimized

    Stream-lined checkout process with options to upload, monitor, and track progress for error-free translation tracking and optimization


    Multi-format Support

    Translation and documentation support for companies from a wide range of industries to bring a comprehensive translation experience


    Consistent Targeted Traffic

    Personalized and relevant targeted traffic against relevant leads for attracting potential customers on consistent basis


    Personalized User Reviews

    Enhanced customer trust, valuable market insights and business credibility with user-generated opinions translated by real people


    Enhanced Customer Experience

    World-class support to keep customers engaged through support emails, FAQs and self-service documents to guide customers

What makes our translation different?

A faster turnaround and cost-effective translation solution is what drives the localization needs of an E-Commerce business. With this efficient E-Commerce localization solution you get:

  • Our extensive translation services are provided by 5000+ translators, so we are able to process enormous volumes of content with matchless turnaround rates
  • Our natural language processing capabilities combines machine learning with human translation for consistent localization solution that also saves cost.
  • Our translators maps your product categories correctly as per the market to ensure your products are indexed correctly and rank against the right and relevant keywords.
  • Scalable translation with large volume capabilities to cater to translation needs as your content volume grows experience.

Why choose Mars Translation?

Mars E-commerce Localization solution enables you to meet your E-commerce localization needs, with industry relevant translation experts and linguist, ensuring the best return-on-investment for your E-commerce business.

Backed by a professional team of 5000+ native translators, we take care of all your e-commerce translation & localization legwork, in a good turnaround time and at affordable rates., so you can focus on the development of your business.

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What Mars E-Commerce Localization Solution include?

Mars Translation stands out from the crowd by delivering an all-in-one localization solution that provides

What are you waiting for?

If worldwide access to a global customer base and delivering unparalleled E-commerce retail benefits
are your missions, we are here to help you achieve them.