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Our Services

Being a leader in translation and software localization, our portfolio includes a wide range of services in
translation and localization

  •   Document Translation

    Swift and technical translation by expert translators for your legal, retail, medical, manufacturing, financial and promotional documents.

  •   E-Commerce Translation

    Easy-to-scale and efficient translation for your e-commerce business with robust translation APIs guaranteed to attract customers.

  •   Website Translation

    Quality website localization to provide careful review and adaptation of linguistic, cultural and technical aspects of target websites.

  •   Video Translation

    Robust and quick video translation and transcription services by expert translators who are skilled at voice-overs, subtitling and captioning.

  •   E-Learning Translation

    Flexible and swift e-learning translation that will help you in choosing a best-fit service for your e-learning projects.

  •   DTP & File Conversion

    Professional and optimized services for desktop publishing managed by highly skilled DTP specialists and graphic designers to adapt your content.

Our Ace Qualities

Our class apart services keep us ahead of our competitors in the translation industry.
We value our customers, so what we deliver is not less than the best.


We have specially designed packages to address the translation needs of all our customers. Our affordable and competitive prices start from $0.05/word so that all the businesses can pursue their dream of going global.


We know what your business means to you, so we want to deliver the best to you. Our robust quality assurance system is specially designed to engage only top rated translators for projects of our clients.


We believe in facilitating our customers to the maximum. So, we are marked by the fastest turnaround of 2000words/day and our translators strictly follow deadlines. We also go extra miles in case of emergency project delivery.

We have written 3000+ Success Stories

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Industry Expertise

Mars Translation leads its services to multiple industries in multiple languages.

How we work

We have devised the simplest and seamless mechanism for you to place translation order.
Getting your global success is just a matter of 1, 2 and 3 – simple!

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    Order Online

    Place order with our simple web
    order form, or API.

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    Track Progress

    Track different stages of the translation process and communicate with the translator.

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Our language translation services span to over 90+ languages. We have over 3000+ native translators who hold a great command of their area of expertise and specialist in their language, so what we deliver is sheer brilliance and excellence.


Integrate with your

We provide API integration for your Websites, Desktop Apps, Mobile Apps and software that enable you to get your content seamlessly translated without handling any files. Whether you are developing a mobile application, desktop software or websites, our state of the art API integration system will save you an incredible amount of time and resources. We support all languages including Java, PHP, Node and Rails.

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Customers Feedback

Since our startup, two years back, we have been getting better and better only!

Translators on MARS

Great Work requires Great Talent

Join the Mar’s community and work with our cutting edge platform on a wide range of projects according to your expertise.


Professional and Reliable

In our experience, if there is one think that we have learned to be a universal truth for the translation and localization industry, it’s that every project has distinct and specific requirements, and that all projects differ from each other on several basis such as the size of the project, the type of industry it operates in, the rarity of the language and the complexity of the platform (software, website, game) that require localization. hence, it is important for us to treat each project with the specific attention that it requires alongside assigning the project to the perfect fit for an employee who is not only trustworthy in general, but also has the skill necessary for doing the job right.

Hence, professionalism and reliability are some of the most major pillars on which mars translations foundation rests. We understand that in business, time is of the essence, hence we put in a lot of effort and employee the maximum amount of resources possible to make sure that we have some of the highest turnaround times in the industry. However, we make sure that our translators are industry experts and are assigned to orders in terms of their expertise. It is on this premise that we guarantee our customers that there end product will be reliable and professional.

A Leading Translation Agency around the World

Our group operates from 7 different main offices around the world which are all based in some of the largest metropolitan hubs of commerce in the world. from Beijing to Michigan, mars has one the most extensive networks of experts who make sure that our clients can rely on us for all there translation needs. Unlike other firms in the industry, our plan is global. One of our strategic pillars is our customer outreach. Therefore, whether you are a customer in Afghanistan who wants a translation in Pashto or a customer in New York who wants to localize there whole startup e-commerce business. Our aim is to ensure that our platform is able to cater to all of our consumer’s needs.

Social and Linguistic Integration

At Mars Translation, we believe that when we translate a file for a project, it is more than just converting documents from one language to another. During the rendering period of the translation, we like to take into account the social and cultural aspects of the region to which our target language belongs. We believe that the words that we have translated have certain different connotations regarding the native culture of the target language. Hence, it means a lot to us to make sure that we understand the socio-cultural impact of the language we use and how it will be interpreted.

Hence, we make sure that our translations pay high regards to the cultural implications of the words that are being used. We pay high regard to the cultural sensitivity of the certain words that we use. Hence, we pay a lot of attention to making sure that our translations pay there due regard to the cultural and social implications and also to make sure that we do not culturally appropriate certain material. Because we believe that such factors will play a huge role on what kind of impressions your business will have in the international market.

Mars Translation is one of the market leaders in the translation industry with their services including of translation, interpreting, multimedia, localization, and desktop publishing among others. Our online portal acts as a single globalized platform for companies from around the world have their products translated into various different languages giving them the opportunity to operate in the international market. In a rapidly globalizing world, certain companies and individuals require the localization of their content in order to be able to conduct business in various linguistic vicinities. Mars Translation makes it easier for these companies and personnel to translate and localize their content in such a manner that opens these companies up to customers from various different countries and cultures.

The services currently provided by Mars Translation include:

Document Translation

The workforce at Mars includes some of the world’s best and brightest professional translators. it is very common for companies operating internationally to require certain documents of threes to be translated into different languages from regions where they operate or serve. For such companies, we provide world-class translation services at some of the industry’s best rates with professional translators that can translate your documents into your required languages ensuring a swift transition in the flow of communication.

E-commerce Localization

The rise in the popularity and market value of e-commerce and m-commerce has rapidly increased the globalization of commercial business in all sectors. And with that globalization has come a much a higher demand the localization of e-commerce businesses. Our translation services will provide you with e-commerce localization services that will in turn localize your platform according to your needs and will correspond with the area linguistically. Our e-commerce localization will provide a personalized and localized communication link between your e-commerce platform and your potential customer. This will allow you to create a communication stream with you potential customers with feedback and correspondence both being conducted in the translated language among other things that will make it easier for you to expand into new territories.

Website Localization

Our website localization services will allow you to expand your horizons into new market where you will be able to tap into thousands of potential customers. The global market is competitive and the best companies are operating in more than one language to ensure they reach the broadest segment of their target market. With our localization services, you will get a multilingual website which will allow you to tap into countries with different language norms. Our services will be able to translate your websites native languages into multiple target languages without the need of changing the websites coding.

Video Translation

Visual communication is one of the most important tools when it comes to interacting with your potential customers and attracting higher sales. And when you operate in a global market, you visual communication will come in the form of more than one language. Hence, mars translation will be able to provide you with transcription, translation, subtitling and voice-over facilities helping you visually communicate with customers from various linguistic backgrounds and thus boosting your global outreach.

Software Localization

Our main aim at mars is to expose our clients to new markets so that they are able to tap into new customer bases and expand the span of their target market. Mars has the best it experts in the industry who will make sure that your software if localized to fit perfectly with the new market that you want to enter.

DTP & File Conversion

One of the most key aspects while working in the translation industry is to insure that the integrity of the page layout is maintained during the translation process. We ensure you that your files will be managed in the best possible way and whether we are managing your file formatting and layout or whether we are performing file conversion, we ensure the guarantee that we will provide the best translation services.

A Comprehensive Platform for All Your Translation Needs

At Mars Translation, we like to think of ourselves as something more than just a translation service provider in the conventional sense. In fact, we like to think of ourselves as a comprehensive manager of all translation needs that our clients may require either at a personal level or a commercial level. therefore, whether you are just an individual customer who wants to translate a few documents for you own personal needs, or whether you are a global business that wants to work with us on software localization, we will make sure that our solutions are not only comprehensive, but also up to date and perfectly suitable for what you are trying to achieve from our services.

Our aim is to help you on the road to success, in a world where markets are rapidly globalizing and becoming international, it is important for businesses to have an agency that they can put their trust in. and we aim to be the translation industry in which you can put your trust in.

Here at Mars, we provide translation services that are not only feasible and comprehensive, but we also ensure that the end product of your order will be of high quality. The translators that work at mars are qualified experts who specialize in various industries. And when one of them is hired to work on the project of a customer. He knows the specifics required to make sure that the end product will be professional and of the highest quality. No matter what the size of your project is, we ensure you that it will be handle by the person most qualified to do the work you require.

Having been in the industry for over 17 years, we have gained enough experience to know that our customers want their work done as fast and accurately as possible. However, in some cases, the price that businesses have to pay for that speed is loss of quality. However, our experience has allowed us to develop the most feasible and accessible way for our customers to avail translation services.

Our experience means that we can allow straightforward high quality and fast solutions to be provided to our customers without compromising on any aspects and making sure that the end result satisfies our clients.

Being one of the market leaders in the translation and localization industry, mars translation prides itself as being one of the leaders when it comes to affordability. Whether you want a small document translated, or a website localized, you will always find our prices to be one of the most fair and balanced compared to some other agencies in the market.

At Mars, we believe that not compromising on our quality for the sake price. There it is fundamental to our service that we provide our services at a justified price that rewards our customers with the best end product for the most feasible rates possible.

Prices normally vary depending on various factors, one of the most important of which is your language pair and industry. The type of package availed also has an influence, with a standard package costing about USD 0.04 per word and the professional package costing USD 0.06 per word. You can also get some of the best rates in the industry for localization at our agency, with website localization starting at just USD 400.

At Mars Translation, we have a high capacity staff of linguists each specializing in a specific language pair or multiple language pairs. At the current moment, Mars Translation provides translation services in 90 Plus Languages ranging from Mandarin to English to Tamil. Regional Dialects of languages are also supported at Mars. For Example, Both Canadian French and Original French are covered on our platform whilst we also provide three different Regional Dialects of Chinese and Two of Portuguese.

Being a leader in the international translation and localization market has given mars translation agency the privilege of being able to hire industry specific experts. These are experts in their own specific field, meaning that when they get about translating your order, they will be able to use the correct language in a creative manner to ensure that the correct words are used relative to the context of the file. We understand that just translating a file with a lot of technical terms being used in the source language will lead to a bland translation which will be unable to satisfy the customer to needs.

We have experts in over 22 different types of industries and you can choose the expert that suites your industry. this will not only give you a much more experienced translator, but will also make sure that the language used in the translation correctly translates all of the jargon and technical terms to the satisfaction of the customer.

We have a team of industry experts and linguistic experts at mars translation who make sure that every order is completed to the full satisfaction of our customers. Our services are provided to the clients by only the best and brightest of the translation industry.

From the moment you join mars to the moment you receive your finished product, you can be ensured that our expert support team will make sure that your order is completed to your satisfaction. Our websites algorithm ensures that your orders are only completed by the most efficient and effective of our translators.

You can get a quote before placing an order, when you upload your file or specify your word count and enter your language pair, our systems will calculate a quote for the total cost of your order. Your quote varies among different language pairs and different industries. If you are satisfied with the quote you can move on to placing the order.

Your order will be given to a translator who is an expert in the industry that you specified as well as the language pairing that you chose. Our translators all have to pass industry and language specific exams before they are allotted projects in those industries and languages. Hence, you can be rest assured that your order is in the hand of an expert.

Following the progress made by the translator on your project is also easy, as throughout the duration of the project, you will be able to instantly chat with him on the task page to ensure there is zero miscommunication.

It is also very easy to contact our support team during the project, our contact system is streamlined to make sure that we fulfill the promise of your order being fulfilled smoothly.

Mars Translation operates as a translation and localization service in the international market providing its customers with an intuitive and feasible platform where clients can have all of their translation needs fulfilled. Our online portal can be used by consumers to fulfill all of their translation needs ranging from document translation to web content and video localization. Mars translation operates in the global marketplace of e-commerce translation with their offices located in 7 cities around the world, spanning two continents and four different time zones which include:

  • Michigan
  • Hong Kong
  • Shenzhen
  • Beijing
  • Changsha
  • Lahore

The unique platform built by mars translation allows for translators and clients to connect to their mutual benefit. We have a unique system that allows for the agency to be able to get the services of the best translators from a plethora of industries. These translators in turn provide these services to clients who want to avail a wide range of services provided here.