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Game Translation

High quality game translation services with easy to use interface, great game localization powered by translation professionals,
get the best combination of low cost, highly efficient game translation services.

The Game Changer

If game development and designing is your bread and butter and want great localization for your games, we are here to help you through.

Game localization and translation covers a broad range of services including translating games in another language of your choice to expand reach and multiply number of downloads. With international markets expanding, gaming companies cannot afford to stay behind the competition. Game players demand high quality and our seasoned game translators are here to give you just that.

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Turnkey Solutions

Get your games translated with our experienced game translators and get multiple benefits:

90+ Languages

Solutions in all major communication languages leading to global downloads for your games to increase your spread

On Time!

We are acclaimed to have fastest turnaround time of 2500 words/day.


Easy On The Pocket

Our standard translation pricing are cost-effective and delivered at speed—that too at a minimal cost.

Compatibility Is Our Fort

We are a group of professional game translators, with each member of our game localization team capable of localizing your game for wide range of devices.

  • pc
  • Xbox
  • Playstation
  • Online Games
  • Mobile Games
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What We Localize

Our seasoned and experienced game translator and localization experts are committed to provide you the best service you want. We have mastered the art of providing translation services to diverse range of industries. We cover a wide range of devices:

  • Video Games
  • Game Based Learning

  • Mobile Apps
  • Social Networking Games


Ensure the perfect performance of your game on all devices—mobile, PC, tablet and consoles


Provide the optimum playing experience to your gamer—IOS, Android and Windows


Verify online game performance in over 65 countries and across multiple industries—by device and OS

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Companies We Have Worked For

Our 16 years of experience has enabled us to work with 2000+ customers, including the top market leaders