Software Localization Simplified

Take your software on the journey to attain global audience, access, and customers with Mars Translation


Streamlined Process

Simplify software localization process by employing easy-to-use, agile project management workflows for localization and translation


Speedy Translation

Speed up the software localization process by obtaining user interface translation from expert linguists in multiple languages.


Easy Integration

Integrate your software effectively for web, desktop, and mobile with a wide range of API integration in multiple languages including Java, PHP, Rails, and Node.

Localization Support in Multiple Forms

Integrate and speed up localization of a diverse range of content including mobile, game, desktop software, and visual data with our seamlessly designed software localization support system.

The Process of Software Localization

While software localization may seem like a complex task, planning ahead is the key to ensuring smooth localization. Choosing Mars Translation as your localization partner will ensure smoother workflow, greater consistency, and high-quality translation for your software interface.

What benefit will you get?

  • Smoother workflow management leading to greater consistency in translation
  • Cost-effective translation at affordable rates to ensure higher returns
  • Timely delivery of translation projects to guarantee effective performance
  • Linguistic and functional testing to ensure smooth software functionality

What Are You Waiting For?

If you want to take your software business on a global stage, expert localization
and translation is a few steps away

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