An in-depth view of the Chinese market and localization
solution for business assistance

When entering the highly-lucrative Chinese market, a business is beset with a host of hurdles such as language barriers, restrictive social media practices, dominance of local search engines and prohibitive laws and practices. Our complete solution is designed to provide you with just the right keys you need to overcome the barriers and open doors to the Chinese market.

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1. Get Chinese Web Server Hosting and Website Maintenance Services

  • Chinese web server hosting

    International web servers have a hard time in optimal working in China and face strict governmental regulations that hinder website maintenance and operation. We will help you set up your website on Chinese web server without any hassle.

  • Website maintenance services

    Our website maintenance services caters to all updates, policy changes, and censorships according to governmental regulations.

2. Get Actionable Social Media Insights and SEO Growth

  • Insights into Social Media Reach

    The Chinese Social Media market is a whole new world WeChat and Weibo as the leaders. Get access to social media insights by tailoring your social media presence according to Chinese market.

  • Unleash the power of SEO Growth

    Gain a strong footing on the SEO growth of your company by hiring our professional services to aid you in optimized SEO growth and reach through Baidu, the dominant search engine in China.

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Mastering the Art of Website Localization in China through our Guide:

  • Use of translation technology and reliable translation partner to help with the complete translation process

  • Tailoring the business according to the prevalent payment system in China

  • Optimizing SEO strategy to make an impact on the Chinese digital market

  • Localizing your website to suit the requirements of the Chinese social media user

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Embed your Corporate Footprints through Professional
Chinese Localization and Translation

Our team of expert and native Chinese translators ensure your business is translated smoothly and efficiently to cater
to the Chinese market through multiple features


Insights into Social Media Reach

Our team of 5000+ native professional translators ensure timely and efficient delivery of translation and localization services


Multi-language platform

We translate in 120+ languages to help you gain access to markets across the globe and our offices are located in 6 major business hubs of developed countries.


Quality Certification

We are a group of certified native translators with ISO 9001:2008 certifications to lend you the credibility you need to stay on top of the game


Diverse Functionality

Our services are spread across multiple platforms, supporting the functionality across multiple devices and platforms


Cost-effective Solution

We provide a cost-effective solution to your translation worries with low prices to lessen the burden on your budget, helping you to localize your business efficiently.


Agile Translation

The professional linguists at Mars Translation are adept and flexible at handling all types of translations for documents, software, websites, e-commerce and e-learning projects for a wide range of industries.