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French Document Translation Services


Mars Translation is a one-stop place for all your document translation needs. Whether you want to translate a document from French to English or vice versa, we have got you covered. Besides, we offer translations for more than 120 widely used languages.  No matter in which format you need the translated content, we can provide the best results as per your preferences. 

The following are some of the major document categories for which we offer Professional French translation services:

  • Legal Documents
  • Literary Publications
  • Telecommunication Contracts
  • Medical Prescriptions
  • Academic Degrees
  • Diplomas
  • Marriage Certificates
  • Technical Documents
  • Driving Licenses
  • Marketing Plans

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French Document Translation Services
French Document Translation Services

French Website Translation Services


French is not only the official language of France. Besides, it is among the most spoken languages of the European Nation. If you want to expand your reach and tap into the French market, the most effective way is to translate your official website into the French language. In order to transform your website for the French market, you need more than just word-to-word translation.

You need transcreation of the context and Mars Translation is an expert in that. We don’t only translate the text of the website, but also localize the whole content to make it culturally suitable for the target market.
We specialize in website localization and offer matchless services to guarantee satisfaction for all the clients. 

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French Medical & Healthcare Translation Services


France has the second-largest medical device market in Europe and has vast growth potential. If you want to make your mark in this market, make sure you communicate your message effectively. For targeting such a lucrative market for your medical equipment, you need to translate your relevant content in the French language and that’s where Mars Translation can help you out.

We specialize in French Medical & Healthcare Translation Services and provide accurate results in fast turnaround. We translate all types of medical documents, equipment manuals and healthcare content at reasonable rates. 

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French Document Translation Services
French Document Translation Services

French Business & Finance Translation Services


Planning to expand your business to France? Want to communicate with your foreign clients and partners? Well, you have to break the language barrier first. Instead of communicating with them in English, it is better to translate your content like business documents, proposals, reports and financial statements into French language for an easy understanding of your target audience.

For accurate business and finance translation, industry-specific knowledge is needed and that’s where we come into play. Mars Translation offers flawless French Business & Finance Translation Services at fair prices.

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French Technical & Engineering Translation Services


Technical translations are the most difficult ones. For translating the documents like user manuals, construction plans and complex project details, mere command over the source and target language is not enough. In order to have accurate and consistent results, you need industry knowledge and know-how of relevant terminologies as well.

If you need fast and flawless translations, Mars Translation can help. We offer excellent French Technical & Engineering Translation Services at reasonable rates. Fastest turnaround time, cost-effective rates and flawless translations make us a reliable name.

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French Document Translation Services

Professional French Interpreters for Your Global Success

Are you looking for a professional and certified interpretation and translation partner? Do you want to translate your English documents into French and vice versa? Then choose Mars Translation for your projects. Mars Translation is a certified and professional translation agency that aims to provide high-quality French translation services with quick turnaround times and high accuracy. With the support of certified and native French translators, we ensure you can get all your content translated into the French language, be it documents, software, games, or websites.
Our certified and professional linguists can provide translation services in multiple language pairs, such as French to Arabic translation, Arabic to French translation, French to Spanish translation, Spanish to French translation, Portuguese to French translation, and Creole to French translation, among many others.
Mars Translation has linguistic excellence, high-quality localization processes, and reliable language technology solutions to meet all your French translation needs. Our subject matter experts not only provide French to Creole translation, and Pour to French translation, but they are also capable of delivering professional translations with quality and speed. You can rely on our French translators’ core expertise to step into the global market with our accurate and professional translation and interpretation services.

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French Document Translation Services

French Software & IT Translation Services


Aspiring to launch your software products in the global marketplace? Planning to tap into the French market? Don’t know how to attract a foreign audience? Don’t worry, we are here to help. Mars Translation offers flawless and affordable translations for your software and IT related products.

In addition to translating the language into French, we also localize your software as per the cultural preferences of the French audience to provide them with a pleasant and engaging user-experience. Thus, if you want localized French Software & IT Translation Services, we got you covered.

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French Gaming & Video Games Translation Services


Considering the turnover, the gaming industry is among the top cultural industries in France. If you want to grab a handsome share from this potential market, you should plan to launch your games in France. In order to attract more users and increase your conversions, you need to translate and localize your games and we can offer professional help in that.

Mars Translation offers French Gaming & Video Games Translation Services. We provide localized translations to provide users with a phenomenal gaming experience.

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French Document Translation Services
French Document Translation Services

French to english Translation Services


We provide quick, affordable and reliable English to French Translation services. Our native French translators are not only experts in language, but they also have industry-specific knowledge in different domains. We integrate appropriate terminologies to enhance the impact of translated content.

Our database of skilled translators, up-to-date knowledge and quick turnaround make Mars Translation a favorable pick for all your translation needs. Whether you need an accurate English to French translation services for your legal documents or you want a perfectly tailored and localized company website, we have got your back.

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Our Native French Translators


Our wisely chosen and heavily vetted native French translators make us the best for fulfilling all your French translation needs. We have experienced and local speakers who know the major and minor differences between different versions of French and make sure you get your translated content into your preferred version.

Besides, special attention to detail and a personalized approach make us stand out from the rest. Along with translating the words into French, we also integrate industry-relevant terminologies to enhance your content’s impact.

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French Document Translation Services

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