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Games Localization

Games localization is a unique localization as it requires cultural sensitivity and accurate representation of game processes in targeted gamer language. Mars Translation’s comprehensive game localization services lend the skills and accuracy essential for securing game downloads from across the globe. With the help of dedicated resources and translation technology, Mars Translation ensures your games saturate the global market through seamless localization.

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Software Localization

Software localization encompasses more than a product’s user interface, it is the adaptation of software to target market’s cultural nuances. In order to grab the attention of global audience, a software needs to be properly localized. Mars Translation’s software localization solution offers the tools required to localize all the elements of a software, allowing businesses to reach out to its software users across the globe.

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E-Commerce Localization

With the increasing global competition, it has become a daunting task for brands to differentiate from its competitors. To ensure localized E-commerce branding experience, it is necessary to localize according to the needs and preferences of global customers. Mars Translation simplifies the E-commerce localization processes through robust API integrations and Magento extensions, enabling brands connect faster with customer across the globe.

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and Hospitality Localization

In the travel and hospitality business, multilingual support is paramount to providing a first-class customer experience. In order to localize travel documents, website, and applications, a comprehensive localization solution should be in practice to ensure a smooth workflow. Mars Translation’s expert localization and translation solution ensures speed and accuracy that the travel business demands, helping hospitality industry to expand across the globe.

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Chinese Localization

China is the center of business and economic revolution and Chinese language is the language of the future. Mars Translation’s Chinese localization solution ensures businesses can take advantage of this highly lucrative Chinese market by localizing their apps, software, website, and games according to the Chinese preferences efficiently and swiftly.

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Website Localization

A properly localized website, adapted into another language to suit the needs of target market, reflects differences in cultural and overall design of website into the audience’s preferences. Mars Translation enables companies worldwide to propel their business growth through efficient website localization and translation, aiding in expansion to new markets and international growth.

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Electronics Translation

Translation and localization one of the fastest growing segment of industries requires thorough technological understanding and maintenance of accurate terminology. Mars Translation’s professional translators are trained in electronics localization best practices for managing terminology and delivering high quality, consistent translation, ensuring a global business access and advanced customer reach.

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Machinery Localization

The translation and localization of machinery related user manuals and documents may seem easy, but it includes a lot of technicalities and a thorough understanding of the cultural and linguistic background of target markets. To ensure a speedy translation of documents, Mars Translation’s localization solution ensures they are translated accurately, while preserving all the technical details for target markets.

Other Industries

Alongside the industries mentioned above, Mars Translation also provides translation and localization for various other industries. These industries include but are not limited to Legal and Insurance, Automotive, Healthcare, Finance, Electronics and the Arts/History industry. Mars Translation provides its clients with translators who have experience and expertise in the particular industry. These expert translators will provide you with Premium personalized solutions

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