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Software and IT Document Translation Services

You use innovative ideas and execute them in the global economy, while we build bridges to help your global success.  Your needs for technical skills and industry knowledge in the translation process are going to be satisfied by our translators and proof-readers trained in software and IT terms and technologies. The documents we work on include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Installation and Operation Manuals
  • User and Reference Guides
  • Safety Datasheets and Technical Specifications
  • Technical Product Brochures
  • Safety and Quality-control Documentation
  • Program
  • Applications for Web or Mobile
  • Mobile
  • Script
  • SEO
  • User Interface
  • User Documentation
  • Resource Files
  • Text String
  • Software
  • Installation and Operation Manuals
  • User and Reference Guides
  • Safety Datasheets and Technical Specifications
  • Technical Product Brochures
  • Safety and Quality-control Documentation

Software and IT Website Localization Services

Mars Translation has a large database of talented and professional software or IT translators from across the world that can help you translating your website into over 150 languages, and let your products and services known to the world. With our smart online managing system, you will enjoy a simple and efficient website translation.

The types of website we translate include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Archive site
  • Blog
  • Click-to-donate site
  • Community site
  • Content site
  • Classified ads site
  • Dating website
  • Information site
  • Media-sharing site
  • Microblog site
  • News site
  • Personal website
  • Question and Answer (Q&A) site
  • School site
  • Search engine site
  • Webmail
  • Web portal
  • Wiki site

Software and IT Interpretation Services

Mars Translation follows the best industry standards for interpretation services. MT has a large database of skilled professional interpreters from around the world who are experienced in the software or IT industry. Our interpretation services are tailored to match with the international clients in over 150 languages. Your language needs will be satisfied by Mars experts for:

  • Informational meetings;
  • Conference interpreting;
  • Simultaneous interpretation;
  • Consecutive interpretation;
  • Escort interpretation;
  • Summary interpretation;
  • Video remote interpreting;
  • Over-the-phone interpreting;
  • Business meeting/marketing interpreting.

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Transcription Service

Mars Translation provides accurate software or IT transcription services with high quality; you can choose to translate your website into over 150 languages. Talented and experienced specialists will transcribe and proofread your transcription project with perfect workflow to ensure that your transcription is done as perfect as possible.

We support nearly all types of files, so just feel free to register and upload your projects, they will be transcribed and delivered in no time.

Subtitling Service

With language specialists from around the worlds, you can get high quality, professional software or IT subtitling services for all types of projects on Mars Translation. Specialists on Mars Translation are experienced in providing high quality subtitles for various audio-visual materials to enhance the viewer's experience.

Be it subtitles for films, documentaries and promotional material or specialist subtitling services for the deaf and hard of hearing, we can do it all.

Feel free to Contact us for more information!

Voiceover Service

Mars Translation provides high quality voice-over services including any typical voice-over scripts into different target languages. With professional and passionate voice-over actors around the world, you can get your projects started at any time.

We have well-equipped studios to perform software voice-over services for types of audio, including: e-learning materials, website audio, commercials, documentaries and narrations, training programs, advertisements, audio guides.

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We Are Certified

Mars Translation is a certified company that strictly follows the standards of ISO and ATA. Our promise of high quality translations and fast turnaround is guaranteed. Your content will be safe with us, your privacy is of utmost importance to us.

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