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Professional Website Localization Services for your global need

Enter the vast world of global opportunities with our advanced and agile website localization services backed by our website localization technology and expertise designed to give your websites a global edge.


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Why Choose Mars for your Website Localization Services?

Our advanced website localization services cater to all your global needs so you can avail the opportunities the global market has to offer. With fast turnaround rates of over 2500 words/day and 24/7 customer support, we make sure your website is localized fully according to international market standards. Our professional website localization experts are not only adept at handling all your web projects, but they are also well aware of the nuances and preferences of the target markets.

With API integration for your website and desktop apps and 100% human translation, we enable you to get your website translated seamlessly and consistently without any snags and hassles. Additionally, we support all languages such as Java, Node, PHP, and Rails in order to provide you with seamless compatibility for your localized websites, irrespective of the language you want it localized into.

With Mars Translation as website localization agency, we make sure you never stay behind in the global business competition. Connect to a wider audience with our professional and advanced website localization services designed to deliver the best results and nothing less.


WordPress Website Translation Services

We as a Website Translation company strive persistently to provide our customers with best website translation software. Thus we have ensured integration of Mars Translation into WPML, a plug-in that revolutionized the translation industry forever.

WPML is a self-sustaining plug-in and easy to use. And with integrating Mars Translation into the plug-in, it is now possible for your website to have the most professional and comprehensive translation solution.

How to get started with WPML

Read our step by step guide to learn how to get started with the WPML plugin.

To install the plugin and start translating your website with Mars Translation.
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Why not translate using real people?

The limitation of machine translation is that it doesn’t provide accurate personalized translation. With 100% Human Translation & Localization,
personalize your content & connect to a wider audience in their native language. With E-commerce localization you get


Website Translation

Ease into the international market with an effective website translation services. Our service has been designed to meet all your customized demands.


Faster Turnaround Rates

Instant translation quotes with fast response rates and unmatchable turnaround rate of 2500 words/day with consistent translation quality


Multi-format Support

Translation and documentation support for companies from a wide range of industries to bring a comprehensive translation experience


Consistent Targeted Traffic

Personalized and relevant targeted traffic against relevant leads for attracting potential customers on consistent basis


Personalized User Reviews

Enhanced customer trust, valuable market insights and business credibility with user-generated opinions translated by real people


Enhanced Customer Experience

World-class support to keep customers engaged through support emails, FAQs and self-service documents to guide customers


Integrate with your

We provide API integration for your Websites, Desktop Apps, Mobile Apps and software that enable you to get your contentseamlessly translated without handling any files. Whether you are developing a mobile application, desktop software or websites, our state of the art API integration system will save you an incredible amount of time and resources. We support all languages including Java, PHP, Node and Rails.

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Supported Languages

Don’t ever let your hard work get lost in the translation. With MarsTranslation we make sure that you are provided with only the best.

We have certified translation experts that are fluent in speaking and writing over 230 languages of the world. These languages come in over 800 pairs, and they over the languages of about 95% of the internet population.

Our professional translation experts make sure that the translation is so accurate and precise that it seems to be written originally for the target market.

Translators at MarsTranslation are not just fluent but they are native speakers as well industry-specific. Therefore, they have firsthand knowledge about the targeted culture as well as the targeted industry.

With MarsTranslation, you are guaranteed to get the most effective, accurate, and relevant translation solution.

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Why Choose MarsTranslation for website translation or localization services?

MarsTranslation ensures success, not just based on the technology but the processes that ensure quality and efficiency. We are an industry-leading company with an experience of almost two decades.

MarsTranslation has worked with several leading brands of the world including General Electric, Nuance, and many more.

We work hard to ensure that the customers from all over the world can rely on us. We ensure that our platform satisfies all your translation needs.

We take care of not just the translation but also the social-cultural aspects of the target market. We make sure that our translators take into account the regional connotations and the implication of the words that they use.

Among all these services we also offer:

  • - Personalized protocol: We understand that every project is unique, so we make sure that all the unique requirements of your projects are met.
  • - Certified Experts: We assign heavily vetted experts on your project to ensure accurate translation.
  • - Speed: Our experts are highly trained to provide quick turnaround, without compromising on the quality of the translation. There are protocols in place to make sure the deadlines are met.
  • - Quality: We stick to strict quality standards to ensure the best results for you.

MarsTranslation makes sure that your message never gets lost in translation, that’s why we strive to make sure that you are provided with nothing less than the best. We make constant efforts to ensure that all your translation needs are satisfied. We are constantly adding new languages to our range to accommodate your requirements

We have an extensive network of experts that speak and write over 230 languages. This network of over 15000 experts are not only certified but also native speakers, so are very well familiar with the language required. This helps them translate the original document in a way that it seem original to the audience of the target market.

We offer more than 800 pairs of languages that cover about 95% of the languages spoken by the internet population.

Not only do we offer an extensive range of languages from English to Mandarin and Tamil, but our experts are also well-versed in several regional dialects of different languages including French, Portuguese, and Chinese.

MarsTranslation has become an industry-leading company by providing the best services to its customers. One of these services includes industry-specific translations.

Being a global leader enables us to be able to accrue translation experts that also have knowledge specific to the industry. These experts not only know the language that you require but are also proficient in the terminology and the jargons of the industry.

This enables them to use the language in an appropriate, correct and creative manner making sure that the context remains the same even in the other language. The translation is free of any grammatical mistake, or wrong usage of words.

Currently, we have experts in over 22 different kinds of industries. You can choose the industry that you feel suits you appropriately. This will assure you that the terminologies and the jargons used in the original document are correctly translated to the satisfaction of the customer.

If you find that the industry you are looking for is not available, you can always contact our support team available for you 24/7 and we will help you find the best match for your project.

Having been in the field for almost two decades, we know what the customer requires and what they worry about. Often the customer is need for is a fast project completion, however, unwilling to compromise on the quality.

We have protocols and processes in place to ensure exactly that. We take quality very seriously whether it is an explicit demand from the customer or not. We take pride in our ability to provide a quick turnaround without railroading the quality of the translation.

We make sure that if the business demands speed, they don’t pay for it in terms of quality. Over the course of time we have been able to develop the most convenient and accessible systems for our customers and our experts to ensure mutual success.

To ensure high-quality solutions we use strategic documentation that includes:

  • - Translation memory creation
  • - Key terms extraction from the glossary
  • - Translation in translation memory environment
  • - User interface localization
  • - File integrity insurance

All these solutions are in place to make sure that there is no concession on the quality of your website’s translation, while also ensuring quick delivery of your work.

It is definitely hard to imagine a world-class company with affordable rates in this age and time. MarsTranslation makes that possible.

Over the course of 17 years, MarsTranslation has become a global leader in the translation industry. But the most pride that we take in is our exceptionally affordable rates in the field of professional translation.

You don’t have to take our word for it, you can compare us to the other companies and see for yourself.

We also facilitate our customers by making sure that they can see the pricing and decide which category suits them best. We make sure that our customers are satisfied with the prices being offered before they place the offer.

Our prices vary based on different factors which include

  • - The language pair you have chosen
  • - The industry that you require
  • - The price package that you have availed.

Standard Package: the rates of the standard package are USD 0.04 per word.

Professional Package: the professional package offers translation in USD 0.06 per word

We offer the best rates for website translation in the entire industry starting from only USD 400.

Discounts: We believe in developing long-term relationships with our customers. That’s why we have discount offers for the customers that use our services regularly.

Customers can also opt to but Mars Credit that saves them up to USD 140.