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Website Translation Services

Quality, Professional Services by Native Translators

This service has been designed to meet all your customized demands. All you need to do is to contact our sales agents who will analyze your website and give you a quote. We are also fully equipped to provide the content in the required format after your content is translated.

Our representatives will be available through email at all times. Our certified translators are trained to provide the fastest turnaround. Any changes or concerns that you may have are dealt as a priority.

Each one of your projects is assigned a project manager in order to ensure high quality and efficiency. Strict adherence to our standards have made us one of the most trusted service providers across the globe.

traditional translation services

Website Translation by Proxy

A fast and efficient solution for web translation

Our website translation by proxy enables you to translate your entire website within a few clicks. You do not need to have a specialized software or hire individuals to update the translated content on your website. All you need to provide us with is the URL of your website and leave the rest to us.

Our website translation by proxy allows you to;
  • Eliminate file handling by directly translating your web.
  • A time saving and cost effective web translation solution.
  • Get your website translated without investing in a new software.

Our proxy translation is one of the quickest and easiest ways of making your website multilingual. Our native, certified translators provide high quality translations and the fastest turnaround.

Translate your Website Now

Chinese Website Localization

Complete Solution for Chinese website's translation & localization.

While expanding your business in china, The first thing that needs to be taken care of is several international online servers and services which work poorly in China due to restrictions by Chinese government/officials.

Our complete solution for Chinese website translation & localization with a Chinese hosting can eliminate your hurdles to get your business in Chinese region. Now you can host your website on Chinese server which will ensure trouble free access to your web. In addition to that, we also provide on demand services such as promoting your website on Chinese social networks.

  • We provide solutions that help you to avoid slow servers or other technical problems due to the restrictions posed by Chinese officials/government.
  • We deliver Fast and accurate translation which conveys the essence of your message.
  • We help you in creating localized, culturally sensitive and relative content.

Magento; Product Translation Extension

An extension that seamlessly translates your product catalogue

Through our Magento extension you can send your website for translation within a few clicks. Simply download and install our Magento extension and select your products to be translated. This extension allows you to choose all specifications including the attributes you wish you translate and instructions for the translator. Proceed by sending your content directly to MarsTranslation without leaving Magento admin interface.

Once the translation is sent to MarsTranslation, our native, industry specific translators will convert your products into your target language. You can review your content before importing files directly on you website and watch your store instantly going multilingual.

  • Select properties including product information, source language, target language, industry, package and instructions for translator.
  • Monitor the real time status of the project by clicking the ‘my project’ tab.
  • Preview the entire content before making it live.

Integrate with your

We provide API integration for your Websites, Desktop Apps, Mobile Apps and software that enable you to get your content seamlessly translated without handling any files. Whether you are developing a mobile application, desktop software or websites, our state of the art API integration system will save you an incredible amount of time and resources. We support all languages including Java, PHP, Node and Rails.

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