Translate WordPress Website with WPML

Over 20% of the entire internet is powered by WordPress. It is one of the best platforms that enables you to present your content in several languages.

To enable an easy translation for your website, WordPress requires a Plug-in called WordPress Multilingual (WPML). This plug-in empowers an easy and effortless translation of your website from within the platform. It is being used in over 600,000 websites all over the world.

Mars Translation strives to provide you with the absolute best. We understand the importance of efficient and quick translation solutions. That’s why, after much hard work, Mars Translation Integration is now officially available for WPML user all over the world.

Benefits of WPML

  • logoAction games
  • logoQuick and Efficient
  • logoAffordable Charges
  • logoSelf-Sufficient
  • logoAutomatic Import and Export of Content
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WordPress Website Translation with WMPL Plugin

We provide High quality, efficient and professional WordPress website translation to give you a competitive edge in the global market.

At Mars Translation, we strive persistently to provide our customers with the best services. Thus we have ensured integration of Mars Translation into WPML, a plug-in that revolutionized the translation industry forever.

WPML is a self-sustaining plug-in and easy to use. And with integrating Mars Translation into the plug-in, it is now possible for your website to have the most professional and comprehensive translation solution.

How to get started with WPML

Read our step by step guide to learn how to get started with the WPML plugin.

To install the plugin and start translating your website with Mars Translation. Click Here

Do you want to know how much it will cost to translate your WordPress site with us? Start with the website word count tool in WPML. Get the word count, contact us and we'll give you an exact quote.

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