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Best Tips To Build a Strong Multilingual Brand Identity

For global brands, the internet is a magical world of endless possibilities and boundless opportunities. It's all about convenience, there is no need to even leave your house to run your full-fledged product or services business. You can literally reach out to global customers and explore the international market - that too cost-effecti...

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How Will Multi language Merge Into Meta verse?

Have you ever watched the movie Avatar? And wished you had the opportunity to experience virtual reality, which allowed you to explore your wildest imaginations, and turn them into reality?

Reality Is Not Far Away

This reality is not far away. Facebook has just announced that it will be rebranding itself to meta from n...

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How is English Language Day celebrated at the United Nations?

English is a universal language. No matter which part of the world you travel to, you can find English speakers everywhere. All the international meetings and trade are done in this language. In most developing countries, the school syllabus is taught in English. 

History of English Language

The history of the English ...

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April 23rd is celebrated as Spanish language day. The day is celebrated for the language that is the second most spoken language in the world. It is also a day that honors the most credible writer of the Spanish language, Miguel De Cervantes Saavedra.

Spanish Language - Introduction

Spanish, a...

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