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10 Best Transcription Services Companies

What is the most important thing that you look for in a transcription company? The quality, flexible but fast turnaround times and, of course, being cost-effective for your business. Transcription is used for a variety of reasons; whether it's for capturing meetings or interviews or even to generate the best SEO practices for the video ...

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A Complete Guide to Technical Translation

The translation is headstrong with modern business needs. In today's global market, it is impossible not to indulge in more than one language. As the global markets are getting bigger and bigger, the more creative a brand has to be to make a stellar selling point. Languages play a more dominant role than ever as every industry is provid...

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Choosing the Right Medical Translation Partner For Your Business

Where technological advancement has made our life easier, it has also created a number of lethal diseases because of our laxative lifestyle. To address these diseases, a lot of research and development is being done in medical sciences. The world can benefit from medical science if it is translated into their native language. Here comes the...

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How to Optimize E-Learning Courses for Your Employees

Digitalization has impacted the global world in several different ways. One of the important fields that is impacted by the internet is learning and development.  The technology revolution has made it easy for people from around the globe to learn no matter where they are. They can enhance their knowledge, improve skills and competencies an...

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What is a (TMS) Translation Management System?

The world of today is a rapidly-developing myriad of shifting possibilities and opportunities. But one thing that makes new developments possible is communication.

While communication between individuals is easy to establish, the communication between business parties and companies is a whole other matter altogether.


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All You Need to Know about Artificial Languages

Did you know that there are approximately 7117 languages spoken in the world today, but only 23% of them account for more than half of the world’s population?

These might be the statistics on natural languages, but what about the ones that are created artificially? Termed as artificial languages, or constructed la...

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Top 10 E-Commerce Trends in 2020

Did you know that the very first thing ordered on the internet was a book? Since then the vast world of online shopping has become even vaster, with E-commerce companies minting more than USD 2 trillion in online sales—that too in only 20 years! 

It might seem interesting to note that E-commerce has made a lot of ...

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The translation is mesmerizing for those people who have a love of language. Not every person shows a keen interest in learning a language beyond their native tongue, even though most people are bilingual. Languages can be ironic in a way; they let you learn a different way of life, open minds to new ideologies and perspectives. People who cho...

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10 largest E-Commerce Markets in the World

The expansion and globalization of businesses across the globe have opened doors for many new opportunities and avenues of growth for other firms. Where the traditional retail consisted of brick-and-mortar stores, the age of the internet has changed this traditional system to a more advanced, online one known popularly as E-commerce.


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Artificial Intelligence: A Key to Decipher Ancient Languages

There is a famous saying about language that goes something like this “you can never understand one language until you understand at least two”. Just how important a language is to civilization can best be understood by the efforts made to decode the lost languages of the past.

According to language experts, over

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