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Translation Blog

Relationship Between Language and Culture

Language and culture are interlinked. The human being is s social animal who cannot live alone. For connecting with each other language is very important and when people start living together they form different cultures according to their context. Communication through language is required for interacting between cultures.


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Certified Translation Services in Singapore

In this era of globalization where business are heading beyond boundaries. Mars Translation wants you to be a part of global business and helps you in reaching emerging markets in no time. Mars Translation is a translation platform which is providing certified translation services in swift turnaround time and economical rates.


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English Speaking Countries in South America

English that is spoken throughout the world differs greatly. Most times some words used in one dialect of English are unintelligible in the other. Therefore, before we dive into the English-speaking countries in South America, we must first understand the language itself.


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What is localization in Translation?

It is an era of globalization and digitalization. Distances have reduced. Person living in one corner of the world can purchase products from another corner easily. Thousands of languages are spoken around the globe. Every country’s dialect of language is different.

Some words and slogans which are considered right in your society...

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What is the difference between Translation and Localization?

In this era of globalization, terms translation and localization are being used reciprocally. The global world considers these two words similar to little variation. Here question rises why we need to care about these two words? Answer can be well understood by European Commission Survey which states that 52% and 85% of internet users said ...

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