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Understanding the Process of TEP & Why it is Important?

The translation industry is one of the grooming industries of the century. Each step takes you to the next level of clarity and accuracy. It's a worldwide business phenomenon required by all enterprises for various reasons.

Translation services are always focused on providing their clients with a quality translation as the fin...

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10 Most Translated Books in the World

Translation holds great importance in the world. It helps to spread knowledge to the people that cannot understand your language. The masterpieces of renowned scholars who have done work in literature, science, and other fields are not restricted to their language alone. Their books are translated into several

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Best Online Translation Tools for 2021

It is said that “time is money”. Nothing can be further from the truth, given the competitive nature of businesses today. All businesses rely on time to get their tasks done. In translation too, time holds the utmost importance as it is the core requirement of companies willing to get their content translated into other languages.

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Translation Terminologies: A Quick Guide for Translation Buyers

Back when you were a student how many of you bothered to read the end pages of a textbook? It is debatable, many of you did glance at the last three pages of your textbooks while you were bored out of your mind. Still, you skip through those pages thinking it’s just words and that’s all.

Well, that’s not all. The last pages in a b...

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More than 10 Different Types of Translation

This is the era of global expansion and technological advances, with breakthroughs that have changed the course of history. In all the business and technological endeavors, one thing that stands out is a company’s ability to create cross-border communication that is the foundation of business expansion.

Of course, that

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Globalization: Is it Good or Bad? Pros & Cons

Communities are formed by the interaction of groups with each other. These communities turn into countries. All the countries are not sufficient in all the resources. They need to exchange things from each other. The exchange of things, ideas, culture, and money has made the world a global village. Globalization has brought the world togeth...

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All You Need to Know About Real-Time Translation

The world of today is a hub of commercial and economic activity. With the expansion in trade and commerce activity across borders, communication between countries has increased manifold. However, the one thing that binds all communities with each other is translation—the method that makes cross-communication possible.

With the adv...

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12 Best Game Localization Services Companies

With the ever-changing technological landscape, few things have grown as exponentially as games. As more game manufacturing companies seek to capture international players’ interests, localization of games has become even more important. While competing with global markets and having work involving multiple languages, it becomes necessary f...

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Understanding the Global Search Engine Optimization

This is the age of the internet and there are countless revolutions that have succeeded so far. In the midst of all these revolutions lie the trillions of web pages that make up the face of the internet. According to some statistics, there are currently more than 30 trillion different web pages. Not to mention countless search engines, but ...

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How Does Google Classify Content Translation

The translation is more than just a language change, it’s about the culture, the phrases, the accent and tone, and most importantly it’s associated with your business life too.

Those who deal in translation regularly know the errors and trials of converting content from source language to target language. Uploading content on Goog...

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