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Professional Mobile App Localization Services

Grow your global reach and get more app downloads with app localization services

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professional app localization

Professional App Localization Services

Entering a new market requires a lot of research along with a comprehensive app localization strategic plan. Mars Translation masters the science of localization to make your business more relevant to foreign audiences. It’s time to expand your business roots to international markets with smart app localization. We provide professional app localization services at competitive rates. Our expert translators and localization professionals enable your business’s expansion plans and help you reach out to wider audiences.

We look beyond correct translation and create a whole new experience for your foreign users considering all socio-cultural, linguists, and psychological aspects.

mobile app localization

Mobile App Localization Services

Do you know, around 6.4 billion people use smartphones globally? And an average user on a mobile phone uses 30+ apps monthly. These statistics are overwhelming.

Just putting your mobile app up on the app store isn’t enough, because only 20% of people in the world know English. So, if you are not localizing your app, you’re still missing out on a big number of potential users.

You can skyrocket your app downloads just by translating the content into different languages and localizing it for various countries. It is a high time to capitalize on this opportunity and maximize your business’s visibility to global audiences. Customized mobile app localization services can help you enhance user engagement and roll out customers retention.

Mars Translation offers the best iOS & Android app localization services to its clients. So, what are you waiting for? Call us now, and get the most cost-effective Android & iOS app localization services.

Web App Localization

Web App Localization

We know, most online service providers handle your localization and translation projects the same way. They use the exact processes and provide you with the same textual translations for localization plans. One can’t be more wrong with their localization strategy.

Every business is unique, and has its own way of dealing with stuff, be it developing content or managing other processes.

Our team at Mars Translation works closely with your company to understand all technical, cultural, and linguistic requirements of your localization project. We provide you with a befitting solution that not just speaks your audience’s language but is also aligned with all the specifications of your website.

You can schedule a call with our experts to discuss your web app localization plan and get free consultations on this.

App Store Localization

App Store Localization

Just in case you want to build an app store that is not English biased, and caters diversified cultures and languages, app store localization is for you.

We offer full-scale app store localization services with the fastest turnaround. We help our clients localize their app store to fit into the global marketplace. Our professional localization team not just changes the content of the app store but also translates the metadata, URLs, and keywords; so, no matter which app store’s version you are using, rankings would never drop.

Mars Translation is an app localization company which not just makes your app speak diversified languages but also makes it culturally appropriate. Make your apps available to the world by making them more relevant to your customers.

Schedule your call with experts now.

Why Localize your App?

Increase User Experience

Increase User Experience

The reason behind the dramatic increase in smartphone usage is not just because it is handy, but it offers a more personalized experience to its users with more convenience. Be it the design of your website or the content written on it, everything should be developed to make the users feel like insiders. That’s why we use mobile app localization services.

App localization allows your customers to relate with your business, and this is all you need to increase user engagement and attain a higher customer retention rate.

Higher Roi

Higher ROI

Nothing can make the users stick to your app than content localization. More number of users downloading your app would automatically get you more business. Having localization experts by your side not just makes your businesses fit into the culture and demographics of the market, but also fulfills all of your business expansion needs.

If your app speaks the user language, he/she is more likely to spend more time using it. Mars Translation provides professional app localization services to international clients who want to expand globally.

Easy Foreign Market

Easy Foreign Market Penetration

Globalization brings many opportunities for businesses to grow their customer base - that too without spending a lot of money. But in this highly competitive marketplace, it is becoming harder for businesses to get more eyeballs to their products and services.

Most businesses couldn’t make it to foreign markets because they lack the relevancy and accessibility to their potential customers. Here is when localization comes in.

App localization helps your business look native. Localization professionals conduct detailed market research to plan a tailored localization strategy that matches your business needs.

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Mars Translation is one of the professional and expert translation agencies established 17 years ago and delivering seamless translation and localization services since then. To get your software documents translated, simply register a free quote today or talk to our translation experts for free in case you have any translation query.

Mars Translation, being in translation and localization business for a period of almost two decades has a team of 5000+ expert and professional translators to back it up and deliver translation solutions. Not only are these expert translators technical experts, but also hold credible qualifications in their areas of language expertise. Be assured of a professional translation service with the help of these translators.

At Mars Translation, delivering accurate and professional translation solutions is a part of our mission. Along with delivering accuracy and precision, we also believe in delivering these translations at affordable rates. That is why our translation rates are the most affordable among competitors, with standard rates starting from as low as USD 0.044, without any hidden charges or fees. Be sure to get the most affordable software localization services.

Along with delivering accurate and precise translation for all technical content, the expert linguists of Mars Translation also believe in delivering these translations before due date. That is why you can get your translations within 48-72 hours of your submission, depending on the size and complexity of content. You can get your IT translation services quickly and efficiently.

At Mars Translation, we believe in not only delivering accurate translation services, but also give customer privacy and confidentiality high regard. That is why our translators are required to sign a non-disclosure agreement when translating to protect customer privacy. In addition, all translations are handled on our own system platform so you can be assured of a secure translation process.

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