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Entering a new market requires a lot of research along with a comprehensive app localization strategic plan. Mars Translation masters the science of localization to make your business more relevant to foreign audiences. It’s time to expand your business roots to international markets with smart app localization. We provide professional app localization services at competitive rates, and create a whole new experience for your foreign users, considering all socio-cultural, linguistic, and psychological aspects. We help you with:

  • logoImproved brand awareness
  • logoIncreased customer loyalty
  • logoBetter user experience
  • logoLowered customer support costs
  • logo Easy penetration in foreign markets
  • logoHigher ROI
  • logoCompetitive advantage
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Reach 7 Billion Users with Mobile App Localization

Do you know that around 7 billion people use smartphones globally? And an average user on a mobile phone uses 30+ apps monthly. These statistics are overwhelming.

Just putting your mobile app up on the app store isn’t enough, because roughly 17% of people in the world speak English. So, if you are not localizing your app, you’re still missing out on a large number of potential users.

You can skyrocket your app downloads just by translating the content into different languages and localizing it for various countries. It is high time to capitalize on this opportunity and maximize your business’s visibility to global audiences. Customized mobile app localization services can help you enhance:

  • logoUser engagement
  • logoCustomer retention

Best Android App Localization Services

Android apps are breaking the global markets now. How about your Android app? Is it accessible globally? If not, what are you waiting for? Breaking the language barrier for apps has become extremely important to make them accessible and available for one and all. We have been dealing with Android app translations for years, and we tell you from our experience that Android apps are now skyrocketing. Our Android app translation services can make your app reach new heights of success and popularity. Translators at Mars Translation understand the challenges and technicalities that come with the translation of an Android app. They are trained to translate your app content as per your demands.

Web App Localization
App Store Localization

Professional IOS App Localization Services

Translating and localizing your iOS apps with the help of native and experienced professionals can give an instant boost to your app downloads in different markets. Also, it can help expand your reach with ease. iOS app localization helps your app look native. Our localization professionals conduct detailed market research to plan a tailored localization strategy that drives positive results in terms of downloads and ROI. Here at Mars Translation, we provide the best iOS app translation services, covering over 230 languages. Are you ready to tap into international markets?

The Best App Localization Services to Boost Your Reach

All-in-one App Localization Agency

Looking for a professional app localization agency? You are at the right place. We offer the best localization services, with additional features that make us stand out among the rest. Are you worried about creating culturally relevant user interfaces or marketing trends of the targeted regions for app localization? We have got your back.

We have the tools and expertise needed to provide custom app localization services to meet your needs. Our app localization services include:

  • logoLanguage localization
  • logoCultural localization
  • logoFunctional localization
  • logoUI & Metadata adaptation
  • logoApp Store Optimization
  • logoTesting & QA
Increase User Experience
Higher Roi

Web App Localization

We know that most online service providers handle your localization and translation projects. They use the exact processes and provide you with the same textual translations for localization plans. One couldn't be more wrong with their localization strategy.

Every business is unique and has its own way of dealing with stuff, be it developing content or managing other processes.

Our team at Mars Translation works closely with your company to understand all the technical, cultural, and linguistic requirements of your web app localization project. We provide you with a befitting solution that not only speaks your audience’s language but is also aligned with all the specifications of your web app.

You can schedule a call with our experts to discuss your web app localization plan and get a free consultation.

App Store Localization

If you want to make your app available in different regions, you need to translate and localize it in different languages. And for that, app store localization will do wonders for you.

Besides translating your app, app store listing translation is equally important. We offer full-scale app store localization services with the fastest turnaround. We translate the text content of apps, including their names, descriptions, screenshots as well as the keywords into the native languages of the target markets. Our professional localization team not only translates the content of the app but also adapts user interface and graphics to make them fit for the global marketplace.

Mars Translation is an app localization company that makes your app speak diversified languages with cultural appropriateness. Make your apps available to the world by making them more relevant to your customers.

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Mars Translation is one of the professional and expert translation agencies established over 20 years ago and has been delivering seamless translation and localization services since then. To get your app documents translated, simply register a free quote today or talk to our translation experts for free in case you have any translation queries.

Of course, we will. Mars Translation, which has been in the translation and localization business for a period of over two decades, has a team of 30,000+ expert and professional translators and app localization experts to provide top-notch localization support for all kinds of apps. You can count on us for reliable and affordable localization solutions for your app.

At Mars Translation, delivering accurate and professional localization solutions is our mission. We also believe in offering these services at affordable rates. That is why our rates are the most reasonable among competitors. For custom app localization, the charges depend on multiple factors, including complexity, length, and language pairs. For an instant quote, you can contact us anytime you want!

Along with providing precise translations for all technical content, the expert linguists at Mars Translation also believe in delivering these translations before their due date. You will get your translations within 48-72 hours of your submission, depending on the size and complexity of the content.

At Mars Translation, we don't just provide accurate translation services but also give customer privacy and confidentiality high regard. That is why our translators are required to sign a non-disclosure agreement when translating to protect customer privacy. In addition, all translations are handled on our own system, so you are 100% assured of a secure translation process.

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