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Best Video Translation Services on the Internet

At Mars Translation, we understand that video is your most powerful marketing asset. We can help you translate it into as many languages (and dialects) as your target audience speaks. Our mission is to provide you with the best video translation solutions over the web. To accomplish this goal, we strive to offer our video translations at the best possible market prices.

When you hire a video translator with us, you will love the speed, accuracy, and quality of translations produced. Following a robust and well-established video translation process, our experts work diligently to reflect the meaning of your spoken content accurately and idiomatically. Each linguist on our team is an expert in their domain and can easily translate video to English, Chinese, French, Russian, and whatnot.

YouTube Video Translation Services

There’s no doubt people love consuming video content. To capitalize on this opportunity, a vast majority of brands and marketers are creating videos on YouTube, the most popular video-sharing platform with millions of daily searches. If you fall into this category, you must ensure that your video speaks the language of your target audience, otherwise, they might just click away.

To help clients like yourself, Mars Translation has the right solution. We translate YouTube videos into over 230 languages. With the help of our video translation services, you can professionally translate your product tutorials, educational videos, vlogs, and other visual content for your end users. Hence, delivering an engaging viewing experience to the audience, in their own language.

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Our Multilingual Video Subtitling Services

Being a well-known provider of professional video translation services, Mars Translation offers first-rate video subtitling services to its clients. Our focus is to help your videos crash through the language barriers and be discovered globally. This is possible when you consult a video subtitling service for your brand.

No matter what foreign language you choose to target, our linguists have you covered. They will work together to decipher what’s being said in the original video and add captions at the bottom screen so that viewers who speak different languages can easily comprehend it. Another fantastic advantage is improved SEO. Because search engines cannot extract keywords from videos, the subtitling will convert your moving images into written words that will count toward your ranking.

Social Media Video Translation Services

TStudies show that almost every company that creates and distributes video content through their social media accounts brings at least one new customer. Yet video remains the least-used format across platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. It’s your chance to translate and localize your video content and stay ahead of the competition.

TWhy is translation necessary? It will maximize your worldwide reach. With more than 50% of online content in English, chances are you have English content as well. But why limit your business to English speakers, who only make up around 23 percent of internet users? Unlock your true potential with Mars Translation. We will help you translate your social media videos into Spanish, German, Chinese, and many other languages by providing multilingual video captioning services at market competitive rates.

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How Amara Uses Video Translation To Reach More Audiences

Amara partners with Mars Translation to transcribe and subtitle 7-10 video hours into Japanese, French, German, and English on a weekly basis. This helps Amara captivate audiences from around the world, driving their business growth.

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Our happy customers are a proof of our continuous growth over the course of almost two decades



Your service was excellent. I had native language speakers review the finished content and they informed me the quality was excellent. I will definitely be using your service in the future.



Roadware Inc

We used ccjk (Mars parent company) for SDS data sheet translation from English to Simplifies Chinese. Candy did a great job communicating details about the project and getting the job done on time. We will use her services again when needed.




I will use Mars Translation in the future and I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for language translation services.



Manager Marketing Dept.

The first proofs were the final documents. We had no changes. This is our 2nd time using this vendor and we will use again. Thanks!

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Mars Translation offers a whole range of language services with the help of native, skilled, and industry-specific translators and interpreters at very affordable rates. From simple document translation to website localization, we cover everything.

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