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 Dedicated Proofreaders

Mars Translation Services has gathered a team of quality proofreaders whose sole job is to proofread projects on a daily basis. We have a large clientele of international business corporations who prefer our services to others, simply because quality is very important to us. We are known for providing timely and quality translation services that are ready to be sent for printing and distribution. Our proofreaders make sure that the project is completed on time and meet the deadline (without compromising the quality). We have a strong team of in-house and outsourced proofreaders (globally) who work with Mars Translation Services to bring you the best results you want.

 Industry Specialists

All of our proofreaders have an expertise in a specific industry. As Mars Translation Services offers language services in more than 17 industries, we make sure that we have a large pool of experienced translators for every industry. Only experienced, educated and trained professionals are hired to provide our proofreading services. Before they are hired, our proofreaders have to pass our rigorous and arduous tests before they can start claiming projects.

 Project Managers

Every project has a dedicated project manager who will make sure that the translators complete their work on time, so that our proofreaders have enough time to polish the project and have it ready before the deadline. Every team has a team lead that assists the fellow proofreaders and makes sure that the quality is great and everything is going according to deadlines. We also have proofreaders on backup to help our team out if they need assistance.

 Special Requests

We have a team of proofreaders who are proactive and ready to perform well, no matter what our clients ask. If you have any special requests or you want something to be looked at carefully, our proofreaders are experienced enough to follow the instructions to the “T” and make sure that your requirements are being fulfilled. If you have any special requests, our team of proofreaders will be happy to help you in any way they can.

 Transparent Rates

Our proofreading services are offered at very competitive rates. All of our rates are transparent; we have no hidden fees, expert fees or express fees. Our rates are affordable and always in your budget. Plus, we have discounts and deals for all of our clients.

With Mars Translation Services, you can expect quality, excellence, accuracy and efficiency. Our proactive services are always available to you, no matter where you are. Our customer services are also available 24/7. You can contact us at info@marstranslation.com or call us at +1 908 516 8877.

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