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Localizing your software is a surefire way to tap into international markets and make your mark by breaking the linguistic and cultural barriers and that’s what we are here for. Software localization goes beyond simple content translation from one language to another. In addition to language transformation, it calls for the integration of various socio-cultural aspects into your strategy. A task that is far from simple and requires professional help.

MarsTranslation has a global team of professionals from different cultures, countries, and races. This diversity allows us to provide software localization services through the most relevant resources. Our extra effort ensures quick, and professional localization of your software.

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Software Localization Company for All Software Types.

Localize your software to expand your reach to global markets and make your products accessible to millions of people. With our software localization service, you can experience global success by localizing your software into multiple languages. By hiring a global team, we ensure that the experts with relevant experience localize your software, ensuring your target audience resonates according to your intentions.

Our software localization services cover applications for all operating systems including Android, iOS and Windows. We provide localization services for:

  • logo Mobile apps
  • logo Web apps
  • logo Firmware
  • logo E-Commerce platforms
  • logo And many more

How Software Localization Services Process Works:

Mars Translation is a one-stop solution for localizing all types of content related to your software. Whether you need app localization or localization of software documents, our team of native, industry-specific experts has got you covered!

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    Content Translation: All the software content - such as menus, messages, and instructions - undergoes translation here.

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    User Interface Localization: This involves the modification of your software’s UI such as buttons, labels, and icons.

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    Cultural Adaptation: It’s about tailoring the software to suit the norms, values, and expectations of the target culture.

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    Technical Adjustments: This step includes technical changes to the software, like date formats and character encoding.

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    Localization Testing: This is essential to identify and fix any functionality issues to ensure the software works properly in the target language.

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Best Localization Solutions for the Software Industry

Ensure global expansion and improve collaboration success rates with Mars Translation. Our team effortlessly coordinates and delivers the best software localization services in record time.

While providing localization solutions for the software industry, protection of data and intellectual rights is a big worry. However, we are equipped with the latest and best security data protocols. When availing of our services, you can rest assured that your data is safe and sound online and offline.

Mars Translation provides the best software localisation services for every industry including:

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Mars Translation Your Reliable Software Localization Partner

Global businesses have a way of expanding into new territories after dominating the previous one. Hiring a professional software localization agency like Mars Translation allows you access to all the major world languages. Our team of global players allows you to achieve the expected results in record times.

Here at Mars Translation, you get:

  • logo Multiple language options
  • logo Global network of translators
  • logo 24/7 support team
  • logo The ability to scale projects and timelines
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Fast and Accurate eCommerce Software Localization

E-Commerce software can potentially play a massive role in expanding a business's reach towards global markets. Allow our professional translators to adapt your e-commerce platforms, enhance interfaces, tailor product descriptions and payment gateways to create a culturally relevant solution. The process goes beyond simple language translations.

Ensure regulation of local laws, and cultural sensitivities. Utilize the power of a global team, who understands your target market trends. Establish trust with your customers and allow them to enjoy a seamless shopping experience with localized eCommerce software.

Leverage the Power of Localization Across 230+ Languages

When you work with Mars Translation, you have access to a global team of translators. Each is specially chosen for their knowledge of particular industries and their grasp of their native language in reference to the target language. Ensure accurate localization for various industries in Spanish, Chinese, German, French, and many other languages.

We have native translators for all the following languages:

  • logoArabic
  • logoCzech
  • logoDanish
  • logoFrench
  • logoKorean
  • logoJapanese
  • logoChinese
  • logoRussian
  • logoSwedish
  • logoSpanish
  • logoItalian
  • logoThai
  • logoMalay
  • logoSinhala
  • logoVietnamese
  • logoDutch
  • logoFinnish
  • logoPolish
  • logoPortuguese
  • logoChinese Simplified
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The turnaround time varies from project to project. Generally, it may take a couple of weeks. One may also require handbooks, websites, marketing material localization, and more with software localization. Projects as such usually have additional documents like certifications for example. In these cases, the process can take longer. But in special cases, timelines can be brought down to help businesses meet their goals. Our client-centric approach tries to cater to the needs of their business.

Any coded software can be translated and localized with relative ease. Android, IOS, Linux, and Windows all contain pieces of code and reference contents. Certain drop and drag applications that are used to create simple software, may or may not be properly translated. It depends on the platform they were built in. You can share the software in question with us, and get a response on it in a quick time.

This depends on the scope of the project and the complexity of the software. If you provide all the required materials, the cost can be considerably low. However, if there are missing documents that need to be created on our end, then the cost may increase. Contact us for a free quote.

Along with delivering accurate and precise localization for all technical content, the expert linguists of Mars Translation also believe in delivering these localization project before due date. That is why you can get your localizations within 48-72 hours of your submission, depending on the size and complexity of content.

Software localization tasks can be daunting and require careful attention to detail. For every project, we make sure to proofread translations to create fluency, fix typos and grammar mistakes, and ensure accuracy.