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6 Translation Myths Debunked!

By: Rabia Tanveer Posted on Thu, 01-10-2015

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There are many myths associated with translations and translation service providers. There is a set of rumors that have permanently attached themselves with the translation world. Only precious few can distinguish the right from the wrong. With so much misinformation, very few people are willing to take up translation services and reap their benefits. If you are new to the industry or if you want to hire a translation company and you are not sure, then you must read the below mentioned debunked myths and learn the truth.

Myth # 1 - Bilingual Translators Can Do It All!

Having a bilingual person translating your content is good, but there are many other things that matter. For example, a bilingual person can only translate general material to perfection. The translation will have to have a specialized industry to be considered brilliant. Just simply knowing the language is not enough.

Myth # 2 - Translation Can Be Completed In No Time

A quality translation takes time. If someone tells you that translating content from one language to another is so easy that you can do in a couple of minutes, they are fooling you. Quality translation will take up to thirty minutes or more (depending upon the content). Companies always tell you what amount of time you should expect for your translations.

Myth # 3 – Auto Generated and Human Translation Is the Same

There is a whole world of difference between human translations and auto-generated translations. Although, both of them are word for word translations, however, they are very different from each other. The human translation will have the human touch, different words have different meaning in multiple languages, and a human will be able to choose which meaning suits the best. An Auto generated translation will put one word in every context.

Myth # 4 – Translators and Interpreters Are the Same

Translators and Interpreters are not the same. These two very different jobs. Yes, there are people who are able to do both jobs, but not everyone can do that. Translation is written, whereas interpretation is verbal. Translation allows the translator to do his research before sending in the final version, whereas, the interpreter has no time to do so. Also, only the most fluent people can become interpreters.

Myth # 5 – Good Human Translation Is Very Expensive

The best thing about translation companies is that they are very inexpensive. These companies have set rates that are cheap and very affordable. They provide competitive rates for their clients, and if they are return customers, they are also given many discounts and deals.

Myth # 6 – Quality Assurance Is Just a Rip-Off

The people who say that quality assurance is just a rip-off may never have received quality translations. Quality assurance is a big deal, however, you have to vigilant when you a company to handle your translations. You must always check, re-check and confirm the credentials of a company before you hire them. Make sure that the company you choose is certified by ISO and ATA before you hire them. Believe us when we tell you that quality assurance will help you re-claim your money, if need be.