The 5 Best Software Translation Tools for 2024

By: Eric Nelson Posted on Fri, 28-04-2023

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As technology advances become evident in all industries and functions, companies across the globe are embracing new and enhanced ways of doing business. This is an era of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the many benefits that it brings to operations are being adopted with open arms.  The translation industry, much like other industries, is...

How to Choose the Best Machine Translation Software?

By: Ricky vela Posted on Tue, 07-06-2022

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Machine translation is getting popular among enterprises and language service providers globally. MT engines have become so advanced and offer high-quality translations in the fastest turnaround time. There are so many options available in the markets that can confuse anyone about the right MT software choice. How to assess the capability o...

What is Software Internationalization and How it Works?

By: Rizwan Ghafoor Posted on Mon, 09-08-2021

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In this age of digitalization, many global companies and the companies that are emerging on the global landscape are using software to increase the efficiency of their operations. What is the software? They contain data, programs, and a set of instructions to execute different tasks. For instance, many companies use different software like HR ...

20 Best Translation Management Softwares or Systems

By: Shahzad Bashir Posted on Wed, 27-01-2021

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In this fast-paced and rapidly-growing world of technology, businesses are seeking to expand beyond their current markets. And translation is what makes this expansion possible. While translation is more easily managed by enterprises of today, thanks to advancements in technology, it is a fact that managing multiple translations and localizati...

Software Localization Tips To Improve Your Global Market

By: Shahzad Bashir Posted on Mon, 09-05-2016

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Software localization is the process of modifying a software product according to the lingual, technical and cultural requirements of any target market. This process requires a lot of labor and a significant amount of time. A software product localized properly, looks like an original product written and designed for the target market. Softwar...

Software Architecture And Its Relation With Software Design

By: Muhammad Abdullah Posted on Thu, 24-03-2016

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Software architecture is the kind of software design, and it is the details of the completed software. Architecture details are the subset. When you are designing software to ideally understand everything considers every possible failure and design a failure proof system to get successful.  There are three reason behind not doing the same proc...

Software Guides Translation Services: The First Step Towards Success

By: Shahzad Bashir Posted on Thu, 18-02-2016

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Most of the time in your organization you hire the employees who are capable of doing certain work creatively but they fail to understand the software you provide them to make the work easier and quicker. Most of the Korean companies are making the use of the software simpler by just taking help from certain Language Translation Services like ...

Topnotch Back-End Softwares for Tour Operators

By: Shahzad Bashir Posted on Thu, 21-01-2016

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Back-end softwares form an integral part of the tourism industry as they are the resource for managing tour operating systems in a company. There are some amazing Tourism software’s in the market which can be installed with the help of Turkish Back-End Software Translation Services. You can get any back-end software that suits the structure...

Translated Reservation Software Could Be a Lifeline for Hotel Management

By: Rizwan Ghafoor Posted on Wed, 30-12-2015

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We all know we live in a world that is fast paced and full of excitement. People expect things to happen with a click of their mouse and a tap of their finger. This has given opportunities to the business all over the world to expand their horizons and make a difference in their sales. Hotel management software brought a much needed change and...

Don't Lose Your International Customers: How to Conduct Software Localization

By: Shahzad Bashir Posted on Tue, 18-08-2015

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What is software localization? Software localization means translating a process of adapting software interface and messages to particular languages, cultures and desired local look and feel. It is a complex process. According to Susan Armstrong, simple translation implies terminology research, editing, proofreading and page layout. Localiz...