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6 Ways to Increase Holiday Sales for Translation Services

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Holidays are just around the corner and after Black Friday Sale everyone must take a rest from the festive occasions, right?


People are just getting started for the holiday festivities it seems and so business is blooming and singing sales. Festivals mean happy customers. A happy customer means more sales. To make sure your business earns the maximum during these critical joyous hours of holiday season you better get started with the holiday campaigns.

Holiday season is the best time of the year when a business can earn twice the year's earnings.

There’s Nothing as Good as Translator Amid Other Fish!

Christmas is around the corner and New Year isn’t behind either, so how about celebrating the upcoming holiday season around the world? Thanks to social media platforms people are now connected globally interacting with each other. One may have a pen friend (online of course) and all friends across the globe decide to spend the festivities in….let’s say China or Thailand for a change. You might be getting in need of translation services to get familiar beforehand.


It’s a safe and sound precaution (with no pun intended) and you can make sure to catch one or two phrases too! Now for translation services, they can target customers by introducing effective holiday campaigns. Let’s take a sneak peek into 6 to be creative;

The Discount Season is on!

Discounts are the easiest way to catch a customer's attention. Want them to dig for questions or even take a glance at your website? Make pop up notifications offering discounts and voila! You are good to go. Treat your customers with gestures of exclusive sales or limited editions translation services and it will attract the businesses.

Remember, most of the clients are business enterprises as well, so be creative. Offering something of par alongside the translation services will be a helpful gesture. So offer, them Christmas special or Hanukkah Treat or better yet make a combo package offering a list of services available for discounts after a certain income.

Personalized Newsletters and Emails

Businesses like translation services usually conduct online services. Using the email for full context is a powerful tool. Email marketing is proof that sending emails and getting basic information out on personal emails and business sanctioned emails can work wonders if the strategy is applied correctly. Loyal customers are always a reliable source for pertinent detail. Ask for suggestions and customer’s feedback via emails.

Email segmentation will help identify your customer's regular response. You can keep track of your customer's details such as birthdays, event calendar and so on. This helps to create loyalty even though the customer is fully aware of the reasons for such emails. Their response is optimistic always because they love being valued.

Crossed Eye Sales

Once your translation services are gaining sales across the globe, be careful to design a cross-sell strategy. Retaining loyal customers is a hardship. But a perfect industry-specific translation service with a reliable backlink you can persuade a customer to uptake additional suggestions.

Once you suggest a new package or even a sample and trial of some new initiative service, the goodwill saves you the effort. Your loyal customer will go for it. Add minimum cost or free trials (at most). It will not only help generate sales but with limited festive occasions, customers will make sure to at least try the services.

Gift Vouchers

How hard is it for a customer to turn down a coupon? How about impossible?

To promote a new category of language pair at the time of Christmas is the best promotional tool. You help clients to try the latest language pairs. Those who are aware of your services will gladly uptake the offer. In the earnest of saving some cash, clients give away bonuses to their employees and their clientele. Corporate gifts and vouchers if planned in a smart way can tailor sales and generate potential clients for the future as well. 

Such as translation from China-English is the most common language pairs in high demand, can be issued with coupons and vouchers. You can also initiate a unique limited edition language pair. You can test your asset input and the response of the clients as well.  In the long run, it’s a trial and error method if you are looking to expand your translation services to new domains. Especially if you are planning to move into a new industry niche, it can be helpful in the long learn for the small translation services.

Any Special Delivery?

If your client is happy to see a discount then imagine them being ecstatic over the opportunity for a special offer?

For instance, you reduce the charge for the premium package for festive occasion. Any customer using a standard (or a regular) package can have the chance to upgrade to the premium level customer and probably the offers come with a discount or a voucher? It's a starring night for them. Generate a survey asking for translation requirements. Segment your audience and offer to localize the brand or logo or even the social media page.

During the holiday season, it's hard to find a translation industry working 24/7. Who doesn't loves to spend time on holidays with their family and loved ones? But being available even during such times is a beneficial task. Make your services count more than anything else. Setting your priority with your client's first thumbs up.

Take the Right Step at the Right Time

Being an opportunity seeker, translations services can enhance their workings and create a goodwill image for good. Sharing your interest with clients is a good way to accommodate the clients over the holiday seasons. Its Christmas time, after all, you should look out for creative and innovative ways to increase sales rather than become monotonous lazy blub over the holiday season.

There’s no rest for the online translators with a professional attire. Prioritize the customer and they will be loyal to you.