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Accessing Global Expansion through WPML

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This age is an age of digital revolutions, an age where communicating business services in more than one language is a competitive advantage that many strive to achieve. In the quest to achieve this multilingual edge, it is important to first choose the platform that will help you to present your content in multiple languages and WordPress is one of the best platforms that can help you get started.

WordPress is the tool that you need to get your own website up and running. Interestingly, WordPress has now incorporated a multilingual plugin called WordPress Multilingual Plugin (WPML) that lets authors on WordPress write content in different languages and translate it in the language of author’s choice.

Offering a multilingual content solution for global needs is one of the main objectives at Mars Translation, which is why its hard work has finally paid off and Mars Translation’s integration is now publicly available for WPML users across the globe. With this integration, you can easily translate pages and posts, along with testing of multiple themes in multilingual formats.


Here are the advantages of this integration that will propel your content on the path to multilingual content for globalization:

Multilingual Content Coverage:

Offering content in multilingual format makes the content more relatable to the target audience as well as opens the possibilities of receiving readership from the large international audience.

WPML makes it easy to run a multilingual website with only a single WordPress installation. The plugin comes with over 40 languages and offers the option to add language variants by oneself, such as Canadian French or Chinese Traditional. Not only that, this plugin lets you arrange content of different languages in the same domain (in language directories), in sub-domains as well as in completely different domains.

Running your multilingual website with the help of WPML plugin is not a difficult task, which is further made easy by the integration of translation agencies such as Mars Translation that translates in over 100 languages. If you wish to run your website in a multilingual format, all you have to do is adjust your site’s multilingual settings on the WPML Setup page or simply click on Mars Translation’s link on the homepage.

Powerful Translation Management:

Translation management is one of the most challenging jobs in the process of translation and this can be eased by the availability of powerful translation management system, such as the one offered by WPML to its customers. WPML offers this translation management through two options: either to choose the translation management tool offered by WPML itself, or to choose the services of expert translators of the companies that are integrated on WPML. Choosing the former will give you the ability to turn ordinary WordPress users into translators and these translators can access only specific translation jobs that translation managers assign to them. In the case of choosing the latter option, you will be shown the translation agencies that have the support of expert translators. This is where Mars Translation comes in, as it has one of the most diverse and expert cadre of translators numbering over 5000+, who are subject matter experts and hold credible qualifications in their areas of language expertise. By choosing a translation management option, your translation process is streamlined and handled by expert translators that assure you of a professional translation service for going global.

Affordable, Cost-effective Translation:

WPML lets you get an affordable, cost-effective translation for your global needs by displaying the translation agencies that offer affordable rates, or alternatively, giving the option of translating content directly through its translation dashboard. The integration of Mars Translation that is now available on WPML directs you to the Mars Translation’s official website that contains a comprehensive pricing plan to suit your budget. However, it must be noted that Mars Translation’s rates are some of the most affordable and cost-effective ones with no hidden charges or expert fees. This transparent and affordable cost structure makes Mars Translation distinct from its competitors as well as a perfect choice for a translation partner.


  • Quality-backed, Professional Translation:

One of the first criteria of choosing a translation service in order to go global is quality of the translation. WPML offers a quality-backed, professional translation solution to its international customers and its integration on Mars Translation furthers strengthens this quality claim. If you wish to get access to a translation service that is not only trusted and professional, but also has the quality needed for globalization, Mars Translation on the WPML plugin is your best bet.


WPML itself has many benefits to offer, but the integration of Mars Translation into WPML plugin has opened the pathways to achieving comprehensive and professional translation solutions for your business, irrespective of the type of industry your business belongs to.

Mars Translation understands the importance of multilingual content in these advancing times and has accordingly facilitated its customers for getting that multilingual content. All you have to do is make the right choice for globalization. Get access the WPML plugin today through and go multilingual.