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Facing Challenges in Product Packaging and Labeling


Psychological effect used in super market in the 21st century is all about short cuts, the super market psychologist setup a shortcut in your head to create a shortcut to your wallet. The first things you see when you enter into super market are the attractive colors of the products. The next comes the labeling which is the content, which plays an important role in packaging.

Many Translation Services Company are providing different services like Portuguese (Europe) Labeling translation services to translate labeling content. It is very important for every company to notice that the translated content for global market is accurate and has the quality. Before selecting any Translation Services Agency make sure the services they provide for labeling as Europe Portuguese Labeling translation services have the quality assurance.

Core benefits of packaging and labeling:

The major benefit of packaging is to label information which should be conveyed to the consumer. These are needed to fulfill the requirement of the costumer, which also includes nutritional and dietary information. However, companies are also using packages to communicate with consumers in other ways, such to promote the unique recipes to promote the usage of the products.

In recent year the increased development of smart phones companies are now able to provide consumers with hundreds of thousands recipes among other things, on a single package with the smaller addition of QR code. According to recent case study by research in markets smart packaging is the newest way of companies to communicate with consumer.

The most common form of smart packaging is the use of a QR code. With the QR scanner application by scanning the code consumers can easily access all the nutrition and product information with convenience. Make sure the information you provide is understandable; you can also take help from Certified Translation Services Company when jumping onto other languages.

The benefit of labeling is the perceptional benefit, packaging enable shape color and graphics which distinguish one brand from another and convey a brand positioning as well as build brand equity. Additionally successful marketers recognize the changes in packages and labels can update and uphold a brands image in a costumer minds.

Challenges package and label designer face:

The continuing need to connect with consumers:

Product and brands must incessantly bring up to date their packaging and labels in order to better connect with consumers. The challenge relies creating static and functional design features that attract costumer attention.

Environmental concerns:

Now day’s consumers are not only concerned with their own affairs. They are also concerned with the effect packaging has on the environment.

Cost reduction:

As a price of material rise companies are challenged to find new ways to cut back on package cost, but still delivering values to their consumers.

In order to be successful in the market a product must to some degree overcome these challenges while also maintaining the combination of all benefits. Marketers and designers must also keep all these factors in mind when designing a new product and redesigning an existing products.