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Food Apps – A Life Line For Globe Trotting Foodies


Are you a foodie? Do you love to eat? You travel to new places just so you can taste their exotic food and experience their taste? Well, if that is the case, you need to have some apps that help you find the best food anywhere you are. There are practically hundreds and thousands of apps for both android and iOS users. However, avid foodies need something more, something extra from their Food apps. So it becomes a matter of great battle to find the best translation and food app that will fulfill and nurture their inner foodie.

Here is a compilation of apps that must be with a foodie traveler where he or she goes. The benefits will be scrumptious, delicious and mouth-watering.

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Are you a health nut? Are you craving something special at random hours? Foursquare can help you with that. It detects your location and shows you the relevant results. The best part? It shows you remarks from other people and even suggestions on what to try. Plus, if you check into a specific restaurant, you can get discounts. You will get special codes that you can show to your wait staff and they will get you your discount.

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Like to be surprised? Urbanspoon is an app that allows you to set your parameters, like your destination, distance and type of food you are craving. When you hit go, you will get suggestions with pictures of the food and the place. It is pretty much like picking out a restaurant with your eyes closed. The good thing: the result will end with you filled with delicious food.

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Starbucks App

Not a morning person? Need your caffeine fix before you can hop on to the day’s activities? With this Starbucks app you can find the store anywhere you are and anywhere you want. Since Starbucks has stores in 71 countries and if you are in one of them, you can easily find it via this app and get your coffee fix.

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Chefs Feed

This is one gem of an app. With this app, you can actually see what the chef recommends in a specific restaurant. You get to see its pictures and see what it would be like before you go out there and eat it. Instead of showing you the restaurant, it shows you the best dishes and we all know that foodies love good food no matter where it is.

All of these are wonderful apps, however, there is one thing that you will desperately need if you are in a foreign country. Sure, you can see the food online and check what it is, but how can you decipher the menu if it is in the foreign language. For that you need the below mentioned app:

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Mars Translation:

This gifted little app can translate anything you put in front of it. You just have to take a picture of the name of the dish from the menu and let the app translate it into your desired language. It can translate 50+ language and you can even save the names of your favorite dishes for future reference.