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How to Expand Your E-learning Platform to New Markets

By: Antonia Ava Posted on Thu, 30-01-2020

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“Gaining knowledge is the first step to wisdom. Sharing it, is the first step to humanity.”

Role-play of Society is Not Limited to One Category.

Knowledge is spread from one generation to the other by furthering the context of education. If you do compare, take a look at the education system, how it has evolved with time. Technology now plays an integral part in the education it used to before.

Hence as technology had an impact on every phase of society, it also innovated the strategies and tools used for the education system, and that's how we conjugate with E-LEARNING.

What is E-learning?

An ultra-modern tool used specifically to access education with no four-walled classroom restriction. The concept of virtual learning was derived from video calls (if you talk about origins) on Skype – which ultimately became the platform for online conferences and lectures and so on.

Now e-learning is a two communication tool that helps to communicate, learn, and interact with one another despite the political boundaries.  In simple words it suffices to say, you learn via a computer and a good internet connection.

You have a free hand to take online courses, course schedules/modules are available and. And the best part? You save a lot of paper!

How Important is it to Save the Paper Cost?

Every year how many trees are cut down? Millions!

E-learning is ecofriendly technology helping you to learn while the lesser paper you use the better environment can be made (it's just baby steps but everything matters). Thinking why trees are being mentioned here? Remember this, every business industry has an impact on your surroundings, so it's probably a smart move to learn the benefits it prevails in society too.

Likewise, there are other benefits of e-learning as well, like better collaboration and connectivity, new job opportunities, flexible hours, no time restriction, etc. what a business looks for in e-learning is the cost and time reduction otherwise that would be required to train the employees. For instance, many businesses hire e-learning translation services because it is a reliable and approved way of getting primary information in the native language.

Impact of E-learning on Businesses

There are several ways, marketing ideas can be applied to the relevant industry. In the education industry, various services are often promoted by creating a buzz. E-learning is the buzz long needed to promote this business industry. The practice will vary in all niche but several ideas can be implemented such as;

Learn About Your Audience First-hand

Understanding the demographics is the most way to expand your business via the eLearning platform. But the question is how will you get to know them at a personal level? You cant keep knocking on doors.

Surprisingly, social media has a perfect pitch to target the right audience for every industry niche. A single platform that unites millions of users under a similar roof. If you are looking for expansion, learn about your target audience in a personalized manner. The availability of online programs is just not enough, you need a professional care representative that can communicate with the customer also.

Creating polls and pages, updating posts, blogs etc. (regularly) is a common marketing ground.

Culture-oriented Practice

E-learning also needs to be localized. What sort of reading material you are providing to the online community also helps to rank your courses? Each culture is unique, therefore, their way of responding that specific content varies in all directions.

Want to use the animation figure of Doremon? Sure, that will attract the Asian online community, but won't be an ideal practice for U.S or U.K market. So you should always be able to communicate with the graphics, pictures, colors etc. business should ravel in the taste of each culture. When it comes to branding your e-learning elements, it's a U-turn from traditional practices. It may just happen, that you even have to change your main course title and introduce it with a new name, to that particular niche to be able to promote it.

Give Offers

Just a little sneak peek into the detailed course outline may help. The user would want to take a preview of the courses, or the e-programs you offer, to make sure this is the right choice for him/her. Too much deviation from the actual goal might make the user lose interest in your online service altogether. 

Give a small pinch, let them taste the major outlines and absorb what they learn in the meanwhile. This test drive will answer their queries, if they have any, and become clearer on the subject matter.

Professional Experts

Is language as important as it is believed? Yes, absolutely. E-learning will let you approach many users from all over the world. Every person speaks a different native language. How will you be able to communicate with them based on a single language? You can’t.

Working with professional translators is what you need to target the audience in their respective languages. When you make e-programs available in the translated content, it will attract users and curiosity will bring them to your door. 

Using professional e-learning translation services, relatively, subject matter experts, understand the community niche in terms of language and culture and will be able to make your content with more readability score.

Be Authentic

With strategic marketing tools, one thing to remember is to keep it as real as possible. Using the practical examples in our posts, media outreach, blogs, and other forums will let you better communicate with your audience.

Ever heard of emotional management tactics? Try it, it will create an affiliation with the user and act as a real-world stimulus for them. For instance, share your side of stories, feature your employees on your post, what they do and how they do it etc…it's an efficient localizing tool when you can create an emotional bridge between your businesses and employees.

Keep Looking for More…

The few practices mentioned above are just tiny droplets, if all put together can be the necessary lifeline for your business to thrive. The E-learning industry is still at the trial and error method stage. Ensure that whichever practice you choose to follow, it is worth the effort and time.