When it comes to online international shopping the Mexican consumers are highly educated and intelligent crowd. They know what they want and they are not afraid to get it or ask for it.

  • 63% Mexicans like to shop online.
  • 67% of them like to shop online internationally.

Where Do They Shop?

Top Destinations:

The Russians like to shop from the websites that belong to the following countries:

  • USA – 56% Mexicans
  • Japan – 15% Mexicans
  • China – 30% Mexicans

What Do They Shop?

  • Footwear, Clothes, Accessories and Apparel – 51%
  • Entertainment and Education (digital) – 55%
  • Consumer Electronics – 42%

How Do They Find You?

  • 43% of the Mexicans go to the international websites they know off.
  • 60% of them go to the websites they have used in the past.
  • 38% of them use the websites that are recommended to them by their friends and family.

Cross-Border E-Commerce Revitalized

  • 62% of Mexican uses their smartphones to make purchases for their international online shopping.
  • 17% of them like to make payments with their smartphones as well.

What Urges Them To Shop Online Internationally?

  • 56% of Mexican consumers shop online internationally because of free shipping.
  • 60% of them shop online internationally because of free shipping.
  • 52% do it because all costs are shown beforehand.
  • 52% shop internationally online because they have proof of product authenticity.
  • 52% shop internationally online because they have the offer to pay in their own currency.

What Turns Them Off?

  • 52% of the Mexican consumers don’t shop online internationally because of the high shipping costs.
  • 54% of them are concerned that they may never receive the products they paid for.
  • 47% of them are concerned about their personal and financial details falling in wrong hands.

Why Do They Abandon Shopping Carts?

  • 29% of the Mexicans abandon their shopping carts because of long delivery times.
  • 42% of them abandon carts because of high shipping charges.
  • 26% of them abandon carts because they were looking for a better price.

Why Do They Return Your Products?

  • 16% of the Mexican consumers return their purchases.
  • 4% of them always intended to return the product.
  • 10% return the product because it was not as described.
  • 3% no longer wanted the product.

Freight Forwarding – A Major Issue

  • 34% of the Mexicans use a freight forwarding address for their international online shopping.
  • 19% used a freight forwarding company.
  • 45% did it because the website did not ship to their country.
  • 58% did it because it was cheaper.
  • 22% used a company because they wanted to reduce custom and other taxes.

Currency Conversion

  • 86% of them prefer to make purchases in their own currency while shopping online internationally.

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