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Are you an ethical freelance translator?

Everyone that deals with other people in their business has the duty and responsibility to be ethical. Language translators are no exception. If you have never considered how ethical your own business is, Marta Stelmaszak has listed a range of elements of business ethics in h...

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How to succeed in globalizing your social media?

You have no choice except starting your globalization campaigns right now. Social media has reasons to be so popular these days. It’s fast and free. Just like your expectations to your business expansions.

How do the world’s largest companies running their global marketing? We have some insights to share with you.

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How to make your website translation more readable?

Humans are informavores. We hunt for facts on the Internet. We assess a site quickly, looking for an “information scent”. We move on if there doesn’t seems to be any food around. This is Jakob Nielsen’s idea of information foraging.

Well it means, for the

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What languages your mobile game must be localized into?

After decided to localize your mobile game, there will be another question: what languages should I localize into? Well, let’s analyze some factors to help you making the next decision.

The goal of an ideal localization is to create an enjoyable, non-confusing play experience for the end user by paying heed to their specific cultu...

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Machine Translation V.S. Human Translation

We have never stopped dreaming of rebuilding Babel to understand each other. Though here are translators all over the world, not everyone is able to learn so many languages in one life. And even we have English as the most commonly spoken language, the hope seems still remote. Development in technology has moved this dream closer to reality...

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Do you have a website localization strategy?

There are significant opportunities for business expansion because of the acceleration of globalization and the growth of emerging economies. To compete on a global basis, an effective international expansion strategy must leverage the web, so as to connect the global markets and opportunities. A successfully localized website will make vis...

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More and more people are multilingual now but not everyone intend or able to be a professional freelance translator. Ask yourself a few questions: Do I enjoy the freelancer lifestyle? Do I like languages? Am I ready to dedicate myself on helping the world having better communication? Am I ready to cope with crazy deadlines? If your answer i...

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How to decide which languages to localize?

What is the secret of success?
Right decisions.

How do you make right decisions?

How do you gain experience?
Wrong decisions.

A.P.J. Abdul Kalam (former President of India)

More and more decisions can be made on data and facts let alone your language deci...

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