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Industries Where Translation Services Are Essentials

Translation services have allowed the companies to read out to the global markets in a more aggressive and radical way. It has allowed industries to gain more exposure and increase their credibility. However, there are still some industries who are still ignorant to the advantages of translation services. There are some industries that can ...

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Importance of Credentials – Don’t Believe It Unless You See It

Never think Credentials are irrelevant, especially in the translation industry. Many times, individuals and companies are not even sure what credentials mean in the translation industry. If a company find a service provider that says they are “certified” translators, they are either puzzled or they take it for granted. Nonetheless, it is ve...

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The Task of Finding a Reputed Legal Translating Company

Our world is getting smaller as our businesses are expanding. We are finding more and better opportunities to implement new forces and tasks in our business to generate more revenue. This has opened doors for companies who wanted to expand their businesses overseas. All in well and good, for such companies, however, legal businesses and cor...

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The Disadvantages of Hiring Inexperienced Translators

Lost In Translation - The Disadvantages of Hiring Inexperienced Translator Service Providers


When a company makes the decision to step into a different region or country, their first priority must always be translating their content into the new region’s language. However, it is very important for the company to have...

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The Advantages of Translation Companies: A Life Line You Ignore

Globalization has had a great impact on the overall economy of the world. It has opened doors for companies to expand their business into the new world and increase their revenues and returns. However, with the world moving on the fast lane, people prefer to only believe those companies that are familiar or at least show the potential to be...

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Talk to your customers in their own language

“If I am selling to you, I speak your language. If I am buying, dann müssen sie Deutsch sprechen.” This famous quote is from the former West German chancellor Willy Brandt. The second half of the phrase means “then you must speak German.” He expressed a truth in a fabulous way, that if you want to sell, you have to talk to your custome...

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Why and how to build better brand awareness?

When you want to eat French fries, do you go to a fast-food restaurant, or a McDonald's restaurant?

When you want to search something online, do you search it online or Google it? When your friend wants to buy something online, where do you think he or she will go? An online shop or Amazon.com?

As these brands have b...

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What does a better lyrics translation need?

With the closer fusion of cultures across the world, people are getting to touch more corners of other cultures, including music. Rhythms are not enough already; they want to know deeper meanings of songs. You can find many people asking for help translating a song to their languages, answers are vary even far away which is an interesting p...

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There are millions of people in the world using English in everyday life, they think, they communicate with people, they write, you can’t live without language. Have you ever thought about this question: what are the most frequently used words in English? Well, there’s a person had, and also did a research trying to find out the answer.


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