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How to Translate Ecommerce Website That Gets Results (2024)

By: Shahzad Bashir Posted on Fri, 16-02-2024

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E-commerce is more like a juggernaut now. This industry has been rolling in dollars and billions of dollars are getting minted by them. The online stores these days are sprouting like mushrooms. They are offering everything from groceries, appliances, furniture, gadgets, medicines to experiences to education as well. All these e-commerce bu...

How to Start a Nonprofit Organization: A Complete Guide

By: Ricky vela Posted on Wed, 07-02-2024

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As the stats by the National Center for Charitable Statistics tell, there are up to 1.5 million nonprofit organizations registered in the USA. There are around 10 million nonprofit organizations around the globe. This may include public charities, private foundations, and additionally nonprofit organizations. Before that, you proceed to rea...

Impact of Localization on the Shipping Industry

By: Muhammad Abdullah Posted on Wed, 07-02-2024

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The shipping industry is a central force shaping the global economy. International markets are highly dependent on the smooth functioning of the shipping industry. Global trade cannot be imagined without proper functioning of this industry. Taking this into account, localizing the shipping and logistics materials into multiple languages is ...

What is Intellectual Property? A Brief Overview

By: Shahzad Bashir Posted on Fri, 26-01-2024

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Documenting everything on paper is a must these days. It shows ownership and makes the person sure that their creation and product are under their name and no one can claim rights to it. When it comes to tangible things like a vehicle or a piece of property, claiming ownership is quite easy. It is because the thing on which you are claiming...

How Will AI Revolutionize the Translation Industry in 2024?

By: Eric Posted on Fri, 26-01-2024

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The next big thing in information technology is artificial intelligence. Sci-fi movies have often portrayed AI as a subservient being created to aid mankind but somehow develops a consciousness and wages war for equal rights or control. However, current AI technology does not have the capability of such impressive feats. It is actually quit...

Corporate Events: What? How? When? And Ideas!

By: Admin Posted on Fri, 19-01-2024

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Corporate events are purpose-based company-sponsored events for employees. More than not, these events are for promoting office culture, celebrating achievements, fostering team building, launching products, celebrating victories, or engaging with a client or partner. Here's complete information about corporate events, their types, ideas, a...

Spring Festival China: What? Why? And When?

By: Shahzad Bashir Posted on Mon, 15-01-2024

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The Chinese Spring Festival also known as the Chinese New Year or the Lunar New Year usually lasts 7-8 days. This also marks China’s longest public holiday. The Chinese Spring Festival is so important for the Chinese community that it is celebrated globally by their foreign population. Singapore is one such country and so are Australia, the Un...

Social Media Localization: How it Helps Business Growth Globally

By: Shahzad Bashir Posted on Fri, 05-01-2024

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Social media is currently at the forefront of communication, marketing, and the general spread of information. The sheer global reach of social media alone is enough to reach almost every country on Earth. However, there may be certain barriers to entry. Language, culture, and relatability are the main barriers to reaching global audiences. Lo...

Top 10 Most Studied Languages in the World

By: Shahzad Bashir Posted on Fri, 05-01-2024

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Learning to speak new languages has always been important throughout history. It just opens up so many possibilities. However, studying a language also gives you great insight into world cultures, history, politics, and more. It is important to understand that the most studied languages in the world may not be the

Top 10 Most Learned Languages in the World

By: Peter Edward Posted on Fri, 05-01-2024

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The languages we speak are not merely tools for communication; rather, they intertwine with our worldviews, identities, and social structures. It is the very fabric of human history, culture, and communication. Hence, the importance of any language cannot be overstated. Learning about the most in-demand languages can provide important informat...