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How to say Happy New Year in different languages

One tick of the clock after 12 am on 31st December changes the year. The new year comes with new hopes. People make new year's resolutions and start a new year with celebrations. Some sensitive people recall their life and start the new year improving their lives. Many people plan to go abroad for higher education. Some people...

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How to say Merry Christmas in Different Languages

People from around the world start waiting for Christmas and new year holidays from the start of the winter. It is time to relax, plan for vacations and celebrate and cherish Christmas with your family and friends. In this era of globalization, people living in the world speak around 7,100 languages. Family a...

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The Growing Importance of Digital Shelf in Retail Industry

The Growing Importance of the Digital Shelf in the Retail Industry


When we go shopping in stores, we check products from the shelf. According to the research, consumers buy products from the middle shelf because it is closest to their eyes. Thus the placement of products in retail stor...

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How to Say Bless You in Spanish?

Spanish is one of the romance languages of the world. It is from the family of Indo-European languages. Spanish originated from colloquial Latin, which is spoken in the Iberian Peninsula of Europe. Today Spanish is considered the

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Hidden Languages of the World

People use hidden languages for secret purposes. Many communities in the world don’t want to share their culture and values with others. Therefore, they use hidden languages to keep their lives private. People outside their communities are unable to understand what they are talking about. Hidden languages can be of great help to army and se...

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Best Translation Apps For Woocommerce

English was viewed as the language utilized by 59% of websites, making it the most conspicuous language on the web by a long shot. Be that as it may, is English the language your crowd uses to look at or consume content? If your business is worldwide or global, having a ...

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Benefits of Mars Translation

Because of diversity and inclusion in every field, you need to speak with people that speak different languages. There are around 7139 languages spoken around the world. Even a polyglot person cannot have command of a  number of languages. You must be wondering what to do then. The answer is simple, take the ...

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Translation Games Your Kids Must Play

Playing games in the classroom is an excellent way to get acquainted with foreign languages while exploring another language's cultures and linguistic nuances. Perhaps this is why schools and educational institutions promote tr...

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Christmas Traditions in Latin America

With the arrival of Winters, Christian communities from all over the world start preparing for Christmas. There is happiness in the air. People are waiting for their winter holidays to enjoy the festivities of Christmas...

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