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Background of client


Advance Medical is the global leader in Expert Medical Opinions.

• Founded in 1999

• 800 dedicated health professionals

• 450 medical doctors on staff

• More than 125+ countries served

• 20+ languages spoken

• 35 million people with access to services

• 330 company partnerships


The translation request:

The patient’s report, it happened almost every day, moreover the client has three other vendors except for us.

Language pairs: English into Chinese Simplified, English into Polish, English into Japanese, English into Korean, and so on.


Our difficult is how to get more orders.My measures are the below.

  1. Keep a positive communication with client on phone or email to learn about our feedback, giving our resolution timely.
  2. Actively respond to client’s requirement
  3. Help the client to solve the urgent case
  4. Introduce our other languages service from time to time, let the client learn about the width of our service
  5. At the last, developing or updating stable and reliable translators through the client’s feedback. Make sure the top quality.