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Client Background

Mediaforce is an international digital marketing agency with offices in Ottawa, Toronto, New York, and Vancouver. Termed as a Google partner and winner of the Consumer Choice Award for best SEO company, Mediaforce was established in 1996 with an aim of providing effective digital marketing and social media solutions to worldwide businesses. Its beliefs of Leadership, Transparency, and Partnership have led to expanding its business services beyond digital marketing to include analytics, website design, and artificial intelligence.


The Challenge: Translation of Telecom service document

As part of its mission to serve diverse industries such as retail, management, medical, construction and education, Mediaforce required a translation for one of its telecom industry clients Iridian Spectral Technologies (optical product manufacturers) on the solution benefits of datacom optical filtering. The document contained benefits of the optical filtering solution for Chinese consumers. By translating this document, Mediaforce planned to aid Iridian to expand in the Chinese market.

The document containing the required content had to be translated from English to Chinese Simplified.


The Solution: Quality Translation of Iridian’s Optical Service Document

For translating Iridian’s Datacom optical filtering document, Mediaforce sought the services of Mars Translation to translate it from English to Chinese (simplified) for its Chinese customers. Many renowned corporations around the world rely on Mars Translation to provide them a seamless translation service in minimal time without the hassle of extra cost and quality shortcomings. The expert and certified translators at Mars Translation are particularly adept at handling and translating all type of content and they did not fail to deliver the following results:

  • Proofreading of the datacom optical filtering solution document
  • Translation of the document without disturbing the form and design


The Result: Augmented Translation for Expanded Business Service

By employing the services of Mars Translation for its translation, Mediaforce was able to secure a profitable business with its client Iridian Spectral Technologies, aiding it to expand in the Chinese market with ease. Mars Translation demonstrated yet again that easing business processes for industries through efficient and robust translation services is the company’s mission and it does not leave any stone unturned in that quest.