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Client Background:

1C Wireless is a mobile division of 1C Company, the leading publisher, and distributor of games in Russia, the Commonwealth states, and the Baltic States. Founded in 2000 in Russia, 1C Wireless is a renowned provider of mobile games through Google Play, Amazon, iOS, Android and Windows Application Store. The company boasts of over 20 million downloads for its games worldwide and has been accredited with the status of Top Developer of games on Google Play. The strong reputation of the company can be gauged from the maximum downloads that its games receive across multiple mobile devices and tablets. As a result, the mission of the company is to reach the maximum number of game players across the globe through mobile devices along with delivering the best gaming experience to them, irrespective of their region and language. 


The Challenge: Translation required for Game Interface

Being a global game providing company for mobile devices presents 1C Wireless with a host of challenges, the most important of which is the translation of its game interface into other languages to be accessible to gamer community residing across the world. As part of achieving its mission of getting the maximum number of downloads for its games, 1C Wireless required translation of the interface of its popular game Mahjong Village from English to German, Portuguese, and Japanese. By translating the interface of the game, 1C Wireless hoped to spread the game into the maximum number of countries and get maximum downloads.


The Solution: Mars Translation’s Efficient Game Localization Services

For translating and proofreading of its game interface from English to German, Portuguese and Japanese, 1C Wireless sought the services of Mars Translation, its trusted translation partner. Mars Translation and 1C Wireless have been in a collaborative relationship in the past and 1C Wireless has availed numerous translation services from Mars Translation concerning the translation of data strings and interface of its mobile games. Going by this relationship, Mars Translation has ensured consistency in the quality translation of all the content provided by 1C Wireless, never failing to deliver the best translation—irrespective of word count, deadline or target language.


The Result: Translated User Interface for Mahjong Village Game

By availing the services of native and expert linguists of Mars Translation, 1C Wireless was able to spread its mobile game to potential and huge German, Brazilian and Japanese markets for downloads. Mars Translation not only provided it with the translation it required, it also streamlined its interface in such a way so as to resonate with the target markets and get the required results. Mars Translation delivers the best localization and translation solution to customers worldwide and this translation of game interface is a definite proof of that.