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In localization industry, Desktop Publishing (DTP) is an important part. It means perfect layout after translation which DTP can find it way to survive. We have a DTP department with 10 Engineers. They specialize in different software. Beside, we also have more than 100 long-term cooperation freelancers and teams which can offer us great support for urgent or large DTP project. Our in-house DTP department can also offer us great help for pre-processing and post-processing of translation.



Adobe FrameMaker

Adobe GoLive

Adobe InDesign

Adobe PageMaker

Adobe PhotoShop








MS FrontPage

MS Powerpoint

MS Visio

MS Word

Quark XPress

Screen capture


Procedures of DTP with InDesign:

The rates are different depend on different software involved.DTP with InDesign is our regular work. Usually, we quote customer based on per page with A4 size. For DTP with InDesign, we will remind client to send us fonts, indd / idml, links or photos, source PDF before job starting. Sometimes, client assigned us both translation and DTP. In this case, our DTP Engineers will export idml from indd, then send idml to our Project Manager. Idml can be imported into Trados to handle translation directly and then clean after translation. Translated idml can be imported back to indd and then handled DTP procedure.


Layout checking:

A very familiar situation for DTP is to revise back and forth. Every time when Engineer finishes their adjustment job, a PDF will be exported and then Project Managers will check the target PDF with source PDF line by line. Should any place needs to be revised, they will make notes in PDF. Engineers can correct according to notes in PDF again. In this way, several times later, perfect layout can be made and then it will be delivered to customer.


DTP layout checking list:

  1. Format checking;
  2. Font size checking;
  3. Color checking;
  4. Bold or Italic checking;
  5. Underline checking;
  6. Missing translation;
  7. Checking target layout according to customer’s requests.


For Traditional Chinese Taiwan, the regular DTP fonts are DFHeiStd-W3, W5, W7, W9, W12 or DFMingStd-W3, W5, W7, W9, W12.


About CCJK:

With 19 yeas growth and development, CCJK provides a wide range of Localization/Translation and Graphic/Web Design services to help organizations expand their businesses internationally into every corner of the world. With a dedicated team of highly qualified and disciplined professionals who are equipped with cutting-edge techniques, our mission is to arrange and optimize adequate resources to deliver the best quality in the most reasonable lead time. We cherish quality as much as efficiency and never sacrifice these values by accepting unrealistic projects or deadlines. Quality and customer satisfaction are our main priorities! If you have any order related to DTP, please do not hesitate to contact Emma at emma.xiang@ccjk.com.