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  • 1. Received the client's inquiry for the first time after the development letter


Hello Ellie and thank you for your email!

We have worked with your company in the past and it has always been a good experience.  We usually post our jobs on proz.com and translatorscafe.com, so please feel free to apply whenever your team is available!  In fact, we have an ENG>CHI medical project coming up in the next few weeks, so please reply and hopefully we can collaborate again!

Thank you and have a good rest of the week.


  • 2.Reply to the client's request


Thanks so much for your kind reply and interest in our company. Your email brightens my day!


Yes, we would be happy to cooperate the ENG>CHI medical project with you.


I am looking forward to work with you again.


Hope we can have a long-term and friendly partnership.


Best regards,



  • 3. The client did not reply, so the quote was added to attract the attention of the client.



Below is our general rate for the ENG>CHI medical project.



Please kindly consider working with us on this project. We are looking forward to work with you sincerely.


Best regards,




  • 4. After the quotation, the client still did not reply, but on September 11th, the client directly gave me a specific inquiry for the last project.


Hello Ellie,

Please let me know if you are available for a 6000-word, 17-document project we posted on proz.com (https://www.proz.com/job/1611605?pwd=).  And if so, could we get it back by this Friday @ EOD (your time)?

Please review the post to get a better idea of the project and if youre available, please let me know so that I can send the project and PO!

Thank you and please confirm receipt.


  • 5. After replying to the client, the client directly sent 8 PPTs and said that there are still files.


Hello Ellie,

Here was the post on proz.com:


We have a 6000-word urgent Medical Chinese project that needs to be translated ASAP!

The translation is for a hospital in the southern USA with a large Chinese population. This particular project is for Cardiac Rehab Education and includes educational information for the patient, so the translations have to be accurate and easily-understood by the patient and their family.

I am attaching several documents with this email, the others have to be formatted correctly before I send them your way, but these will keep you busy!  Also, I will send you the PO for this project in the next few hours (along with the rest of the documents)


  • 10. After the client agreed to give the order, the process of quoting took a day, and because of the time difference, I asked the client to delay the delivery, and he finally agreed to deliver on Saturday morning (CST).


Thank you for your confirm.

Since you didn't give me all the documents at once and we have different time zone, postponing the start of the project one day, can you extend the delivery time of this project?

can you get it to me on Saturday morning


  • 11. The follow-up communication with the client was smoother. The PO and documents were sent over and the NDA was signed to the client, and the project slowly entered the right track.





  • Experiences



  • 1. Any project, especially the PPT file, must open the file and take a closer look at the pictures that you can't edit. Otherwise, the quotation will be very troublesome and the number of words will be biased.


  • 2. Before quoting, you must confirm whether you have quoted the price before the client, so as to avoid the price coming in too much, the client will doubt your professionalism and integrity value. This kind of quotation has a bad influence. It is recommended to mark each client who has paid the price and save the price in a form.



  • 3. Delivery time must be sufficient, don't be afraid to talk to client about delaying delivery, as long as your reasons are reasonable, under normal circumstances, client will also be accommodating.


  • But don't ask the customer to postpone the delivery for no reason or frequently.


  • 4. If there is anything wrong or doubtful on the way to the project, you must communicate with your client. Only the client knows his or her requirements best. Asking others is not very effective.