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Client Background:

Azureazure is a global luxury magazine based in Spain. It is a curated guide set in a bilingual platform of English and Espanol that delivers engaging content on news, reviews and services from and on global elite. It serves the global elite readers around the world looking for timely, informative content on a diverse range of topics such as culture, lifestyle, travel, fashion, homes, luxury toys, personality, philanthropy and pets.Along with delivering high-quality content for the elite, Azureazure’s mission is to create a community of like-minded individuals who can access a referenced e-book and can learn about the latest luxury trends around the world.


The Challenge: Translation of a Travel Blog

For updating its travel blog on its website, Azureazure required a translation for two articles entailing the contents of tours to the archipelago’s mountainous islands and Birmingham city. Since these articles had originally been published in Spanish, the magazine required their translation in English to reach out to the global elite audience.

Sensing the need of the hour, it hired the services of Mars Translation to translate the travel blog from Spanish to English, with a word count of more than 1500 words.


The Solution: Magazine Translation Done Right

Mars Translation and Azureazure have been in a collaborative relationship since long and Azureazure has relied on Mars Translation to provide it with quality translated content for its luxury magazine on a diverse range of topics, including food, luxury watches, and events. The expert and native linguists at Mars Translation have a commendable experience in translating any type of content in a short time, without compromising on the quality and efficiency. Although the word count was high, the translators of Mars Translation were still able to deliver the translated project in a short time, keeping all the quality requirements in perspective.


The Result: Quality Translation of the Travel Blog

Through employing the service of Mars Translation, Azureazure was able to publish its content of travel tours on its website quickly and efficiently. Mars Translation proved yet again that it could be relied upon to provide seamless translation services to its customers in minimal time, efficiently and without hassle.