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Case study: Pactera Technology International Ltd.



Language Pair:

Chinese to Japanese


IT-Marketing, advertising and business


UI Translation for ByteDance Internal Business System




Pactera Technology International ltd.isa global IT service enterprise from China, which brings together nearly 30,000 professionals at home and abroad to provide professional digital consulting, experience interaction, technology implementation and operation services for global customersThe company is committed to becoming a "partner in the new era" for global enterprises and ensuring the success of customers. The strategic headquarters are located in China, with regional headquarters in North America, Asia Pacific and Europe.

Since 1995, Pactera has been committed to providing customers the world's leading business/IT consulting, solutions and outsourcing services, financial services, technology, telecommunications, tourism, transportation, energy, life sciences, manufacturing, retail and distribution, and other fields has accumulated rich experience, the main customers cover many fortune 500 companies and large and medium-sized Chinese companies.With its professional delivery capabilities, Pactera helps its customers achieve success in the global market and is highly recognized by partners and industry analysts.Industry leading quality and safety certifications include CMM Level 5, CMMI-SVC Level 3, six sigma, ISO 27001, iso9001:2008, SAS70 and PIPA.




 Pactera received a translation request from ByteDance, the leading Internet company in China. The project is about UI Translation for ByteDance Internal Business System.




  1. Source text is multi-field which covers wide range of knowledge, including IT, marketing, finance as well as latest advertising information.
  2. With no style guide, no glossary and not many materials for reference.
  3. High requirements for translation consistency.Not only focus on words, sentence, but also need to check the general consistency of repeated words and expressions.
  4. IT marketing text, however, requires usageof idiomatic and common expression, requiring translators to use the most commonly used but standard expression in Japanese.
  5. With no glossary for reference.Some technical terms do not have approved translation. While translating, translator need to extract terms for customer's confirmation, and finalized the draft after confirmation.
  6. Time is limited. In addition to translation and editing time, a lot of time is needed for QA check.




  1. Seek excellent translators in the corresponding fields. In the fields of advertising, marketing and IT, a number of excellent translators were selected to complete the project. Finally, one Chinese translators with marketing backgrounds, one Japanese translator with IT background and one Japanese-native editor with IT and marketing multiple background were selected.
  2. Communicate with the client about the purpose and background of the translation project, then help the translators to meet the client's quality requirements.
  3. In the process of translation, if the original text cannot be well understood, we will raise query in time and send feedbacks to the customer, so as to guarantee the accuracy of our translation.
  4. For scientific and technical terms and specific expressions, we will extract terms and give them to the customer for confirmation. After customer's confirmation, we will finalize the draft and collect them in the confirmed glossary for future translation and reference.
  5. QA check training. Before each submission, all the historical documents of the project should be checked together, focusing on the consistency of documents, cross-document expression consistency and cross-document terminology consistency. Then making sure there are no inconsistencies in every document.
  6. We tried our best to meet client’s demand. Making on-time delivery and well following the client’s request every time.




  1. CCJK embraces a professional and highly-developed online translator platform, in which excellent and most suitable translator will be selected to handle translation project in various fields.
  2. With successful experiences in dealing with this project, we gained the satisfactory and trust from the important client.
  3. We gathered experiences and materials in dealing with IT-marketing text which will do lot of help for future projects.





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