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Customer Background: 2XU is a premium sportswear brand focused on advancing human performance through the development of world-leading compression garments and high performance sports apparel. Founded in 2005, with headquarter in Australia and braches in more than 70 countries.


Service: Editing

Source language: English

Target Language:

Danish/Spanish/Finnish/French/German/Hebrew/Icelandic/Italian/Japanese/Korean/Chinese Simplified/Dutch/Norwegian/Swedish/Chinese Traditional/Indonesian/Arabic/Malay/Vietnamese

Words count: 292

Deadline: one working day

Delivery format: excel with change remarks in red

Area/Industry:Fabric & Care Instruction


Current translations might not be accurate, but we keep it just in case if it helps.

-  If translators think that the current translation should be amended – they are welcome to do it (this is the main purpose of this activity)

- If the current translations are accurate, and translators decide to keep them as is – no need to amend them.


The challenge:

  1. Deadline was a bit urgent to us, what is worse, it was a proofreading job, some linguists did not want to take the job, and some required a MOQ rate.
  2. Translation quality was worse , some linguists checked the file and reported it is a machine translation. In this case, some rejected to accept again.


Our solution:

  1. The job was assigned to two project managers, one with 10 languages, another one with 9 languages.
  2. Project managers tried to negotiate with linguists, rate and deadline.
  3. Account manager tried to negotiate the deadline with the customer at the same time.


The result:

The project was successfullyfinished in 1.5 working days, on budget and with high quality editing.


The client was impressed with our job and hasrecommended us to other branches.



  1. For proofreading job, it is better to check the translation quality with translators in advance before sending quotation to clients.
  2. For urgent multi-language proofreading job, you can assign the job to different PMs for time saving.
Negotiate is important. If budget is limited, you can negotiate with the linguists for a package rate. If deadline is too tight, try to negotiate with your client or find another way to work