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Mr. Rahul Chawla is from India and based in Shenzhen with his wife Prerna for several years.

Prernaneeds monthly blood testing done at the hospital and the results have to be sent to her family in India who are mostly doctors, to see what her condition is.




1. The blood testing report is all in Simplified Chinese


2. Families are always concerned about their kids, so the fastest updates are required to calm them down.


3. As this is health-related, the quality must be 100% topnotch without mistakes.




CCJK achieved all objectives desired by the client:

1. The testing report was translated to English by an experienced translator, specialized in the healthcare industry.


2. The translation booking was received in the afternoon and the client received the translated report on the same day in the evening.


3. A native proofreader, also specialized in the healthcare industry has been assigned to make sure the grammar, spelling and medical terms have been translated correctly.



1. The translation was performed within one day, from receiving till delivering.

2. The service quality is guaranteed by assigning a specialized linguist and proofreader of the related industry.



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