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The client is a well-known Amazon serviceprovider with a suite of Amazon seller tools for everything from finding a product to sourcing a supplier to launching and optimizing a product listing. They have video training modules to Amazon Sellers, which has to be translated from English to Chinese Simplified.





  1. The module files are in .srt format.


  1. The translated language has to be placed back in the same file with the source language, so both English and Chinese subtitles will be shown in the video training as the end result.


  1. An instruction list has been given, with words that do not need to be translated.


  1. The client requires to receive the translated package within a short time frame.





  1. A PM (Program Manager)is assigned for the project.


  1. The PM prepares the order package and created a Termbase from the received instruction list.


  1. The PM will consult with DTP (Desktop Publisher)to create aSpecial Instruction Procedure for the translator, so they understand how to deliver the translated subtitling package according to clients’ requirements.


  1. In order to meet the deadline, the PM has assigned 2 native linguists to handle the translations and both have received the order package, including the Termbase and Instruction Procedure.


  1. The linguists read a follow and the Special Instruction Procedure, so they understand what to do outside the standard translation procedure.


  1. During the translation, the linguists will upload the Termbase in their CAT tools, so they will not translate the words that are mentioned in the instruction list.


  1. The linguists will send the translated packages back to PM to perform QA (Quality Assurance).


  1. After QA, the PM will combine the 2 translated packages to 1 complete package and sent this to the client before the deadline.







  1. CCJKmakes sure that special requirements are followed, so clients will receive their ideal translation.


  1. We make sure that the client can receive their completed order within the deadline.




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