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Client Background:

Equity Prime Mortgage LLC is a national lender providing a variety of mortgage services to clients worldwide. Located in Atlanta, Georgia, it operates in 45 states and assists clients in home ownership and transfer. Possessing a management team having 50 years of experience in the mortgage industry, the company upholds a mission of providing a “unique road map” for clients for strengthening their mortgage situation in low monthly rates and fees.


The Challenge: Translation of Land Mortgage Agreement of a Polish Client

Equity Prime LLC has operated in 45 states of United States in the past but as a part of the expansion strategy and providing a mortgage of land to clients of other countries as well, it started lending its services to clients located in countries outside the United States. However, the translation of documents for providing these services remained a concern for the company.

A concern of similar nature arose when a client from Poland sought the services of Equity Prime for a land mortgage to a beneficiary also of the Polish origin. For that mortgage, Equity Prime needed its notarial act and payment transfer sheet translated from Polish to English for its own record-keeping. Since the company is located in Atlanta, its banks are also located in the US and it receives a commission from these banks for the mortgage services it provides.

After the mortgage agreement had been signed and validated by the Polish parties, Equity Prime LLC sought the services of Mars Translation to translate the notarial act and payment order from Polish to English.


The Solution: Quality Translation of Legal Documents:

Keeping true to its mission of providing ease and business excellence to industries belonging to a wide array of functional areas, the expert and qualified translators of Mars Translation provided the following services:

  • Translation of the legal document in a short time, taking care to translate all the terms and conditions mentioned in the notarial act so as to include all sensitive information in the record-keeping
  • Translation of payment transfer containing all the particulars of account details and commission in the bank account of Equity Prime LLC


The Result: Efficient Translation for Record-keeping and Funds Transfer

By hiring the services of Mars Translation, Equity Prime LLC was able to successfully execute the translation of mortgage documents from Polish to English in minimal time and in a cost-effective manner. Once again, Mars Translation lived up to its reputation of providing quality translation services to companies efficiently, quickly and cost-effectively.