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DHC IP Attorneys is patent and trade-mark agency certified by China SIPO and CTMO, and is also a Foreign-Related Patent Agency authorized by China SIPO. It is currently the largest IP agency of its kind in terms of the actual number of licensed practitioners in Shenzhen, also whose practical area covers the fields of Electronics, Telecommunications, Computer, IT, Photoelectricity, Mechanical and Electrical Integration, Mechanics, Chemical industry, Pharmaceutics, Biological Technology and New Materials.

The Challenge: Translating Jargons of Multiple Industries!

DHC IP Attorneys required translation of patent application documents translation. The documents belonged to different industries having related jargons that need an expert translator for translation of that particular field. Moreover, the language pairs for translation were also diverse – adding into the enormity and complexity of the project.

However, long term experience of Mars Translation in handling legal documents and assorted experts translators of different industries helped us to come out victorious in this project.

The Solution: Engagement of the Expert Translators!

With the inception of the deal with DHC IP Attorneys, Mars Translation engaged the best expert translators for their projects. It was a long run project which simply required elongated availability of expert translators. With our goal and client oriented focused strategy, we have tried to maintain our long run relation with DHC IP Attorneys. Until now, we have translated hundred thousands of words for them and are dedicated to continue delivering our best services.

The Results: Instant Approval of Patent!

By providing accurate and professional patent application doc translation, Mars Translation has assisted DHC IP Attorneys in pushing forward the process for getting the patent approval for its clients. The translation services cover different areas such as mechanical, technical, chemical, and electrical as well as telecommunication. So, DHC IP Attorneys has gotten the chance to flare their patent services in different industries.